Thursday, April 18, 2019

Size comparisons

Here are the relative sizes of minis I have, with the Reaper Bones D&D female ranger for comparison to the GW ones. 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Scenery quick update

Hi all, over my birthday period I've been super busy, but also obtained quite a lot of scenery.

Lots of it was trees etc. that I've put on mdf bases and the like, but now I have quite a nice board to play on!

We've been playing a lot of games too, but not recording them as the time pressure to do that was just getting too much!

Anyway, I have just a couple minutes so I thought I'd pop a pic of our latest game. My battle company of (now 21) hobbits trying to get 7 of tehm off the map while my brother's 9 Rohirrim tried to stop me.

Ended up super, super close, down to a single win of priority for me that allowed me to get 7 hobbits off the board for a narrow win!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Hobbit Battle Company or Shire Battle Company

I'm not sure if it's technically a Hobbit Battle Company or a Shire Battle Company, but here's my initial squad!

Meet Rose's Ragers!

Raging Rose leads Farmer Maddock and Andwise (Andy) along with their mates.
Cooper (Fatty), Robson (Rob), Marmadoc (M.C. Hammer), Flambard (Fred), Wilcom (Jolly) and Wiseman are on the next row back.
The archers are Tolman (Tom), Doderic (Dick) and Halfred (Harry).

They may be small in stature but they're big in... stomach? 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

More hobbit archers (plus friends)

A Hobbit Battle Company can have up to 25 members, so with 1/3 of them being able to be archers I needed some more! I'll max out the archers simply because they're less useless than the others! The hobbits use a short bow, which is way better than most of their (pretty pathetic) melee skills!

One of my heroes is the one with the yellow sash (he won it by getting first place in the archery competition).

One of the problems with collecting hobbits is that there aren't many models to choose from. There are only 4 militia models, 4 archer models and 4 shirrif models. Obviously I've also used some of the variants of the main characters too (especially Frodo and Sam). In an effort to minimise obvious repetition I've tried to paint them all different colours. I guess when I put them all together we'll see how successful I was.

And speaking of which, here's Frodo on a pony. I have the others, but not having painted horses before I put them off for ages! Also, in the new rules, ponies are almost pointless. You don't get any cavalry bonus with them, so they're really just a way of moving more quickly. Also they look kinda cool I guess =)

And since you can hire local guides or elven friends I picked up a few. They're a different brand as we really were desperate for some female representation and there's precious little of that available. I wanted some of the cool Mirkwood ones, but I can only find them for sale in large quantities and don't have the cash for that! They're an ever so slightly larger scale, so I have them on flat bases instead of the normal raised ones and I think that'll smooth things out a bit. I guess, also, they'll mostly only be next to hobbits so it doesn't really matter!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Hobbit characters

And, of course, there are a host of other characters that have to come with a Hobbit Battle Company so here are a horn blower, the Lobelia model who will actually be the leader of our battle company, Rose (Raging Rose), the Paladin Took model and the Fatty Bolger model, who we will be calling Cooper. Why Cooper? We'll get there in a second!

And then we have a couple of slightly sozzled hobbits and the old Bilbo model, who we're calling Wiseman (his weapon is a big heavy book).

Because the world may be a dangerous place, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't stop and enjoy some fine drink!

Cooper is well known for making barrels, and, well, he fills them up with the good stuff! The Frodo model that was holding the ring ready to drop it into Mount Doom is now bumping tankards with his good mate Jolly Wilcom. The Sam model who used to look exhausted is now a very disheveled hobbit with a large (mostly empty) skin of XXX drink tucked under his arm.

So I think that's most of the hobbits I've painted so far. I've got a few more nearly finished, but I have enough for the start of my Battle Company and hope to have the first game on Saturday! Maybe tomorrow or Friday I'll take a pic of Rose's Ragers ready to go!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hobbit Militia

Here are my Hobbit Militia.

Two guys with axes, one blacksmith and one of the guys I showed you in a previous post that seems angry that his drinking time has been interrupted!

These ones do have names, Robson (Rob), Marmadoc (M.C.), Flambard, and Wilcom (Jolly).

I just wanted to straight out call the blacksmith M.C. Hammer, but my wife and son decided it had to be at least a little more "hobbity". I'll show you Jolly Wilcom's drinking buddy maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Farmer Maddock (Farmer Maggot)

One of the leaders of our Battle Company is Farmer Maddock.

Obviously I've used the Farmer Maggot model for this one!

We haven't named the dogs yet (but I'll definitely be getting some once I've earned some influence!)

I went with fairly drab colours here, painting him before I thought he might be one of the leaders. As a result, if I do get another model I'll do something a bit more interesting!

I was pretty pleased with how the dogs came out too, they're so tiny!