Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Painting Ruins of Osgiliath

Someone keen-eyed noticed I had some new ruins in among my older scenery. My parents got me the Games Workshop Ruins of Osgiliath kit some time back and I thought I'd put it together and paint it to show my son how different scenery painting is from the very intricate miniature painting!

It actually featured dramatically in our most recent game (which I haven't posted about yet, but here's a sneak preview...

Obviously first we had to glue it together. My son got the pieces out and worked out where they should all go, then let me do the actual gluing.

I used the same technique that I've used in previous scenery, which is first a brown undercoat...

Followed by a dark grey...

Then it's some lighter grey drybrushing (pretty heavily)...

Finally a black wash and a lighter drybrush on the corners.

Here's the main gate section with some dwarves for scale...

And the arch section...

Finally the stairs bit with an archer behind the half-height wall. 

Pretty neat stuff I gotta say. I didn't spend much time on it and certainly wasn't very careful and yet it turned out looking really great. I particularly liked the statues =)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Show of Strength - Battle Company versus match!

Our next battle took place among some ruins. The Falcon's Honour versus Etako's Expeditionaries, with each leader trying to prove his worth. Victory went to whichever leader took out the most enemies.

Here's a photo of the Falcon's Honour Battle Company

And at setup the Harad team was split into two small groups on the left, with the dwarves in the center on the right.

Here's Etako's Expeditionaries.

 After a few turns of movement, the dwarves have kept together down to the south edge of the board with the Harad archers spread out and shooting with the main Harad force coming down from the North.

The archers keep taking shots at the dwarves, who are just barely visible among the ruins. No shots hit at this stage.

The dwarven shields protect the archers behind them.

Etako, likewise, stays behind a shield as arrows continue to fly.

Finally the dwarves charge forward into combat!

The Fang (who can now move and shoot without penalty) continues backing away from Brynmor and this time hits! Brynmor saves with fate and curses his stumpy legs!

Etako takes the first kill of the match - victory points: Dwarves 1, Harad 0.
Boggle shields up and survives thanks to his higher fight score!

The Falcon charges at the now exposed archers and a melee ensues with just about everybody!

With priority, Brynmor finally gets to swing his shovel at The Fang, but misses!

Here's what it looks like from the other side...

Etako misses his chance to rack up another point, but The Falcon doesn't miss and takes out Archie! Dwarves 1, Harad 1!

In a fantastic upset, Loki Lightfingers takes revenge for his partner bowdwarf and takes out The Falcon!?! Etako charges the cavalry and smashes the rider to the ground! The scenario is won for the dwarves now, but we decide to play on so our sides can get some experience =)

Boggle smashes The Hawk, while The Talon takes out Mighty Monty (by using might)!

Brynmor has been chasing after archers this whole game and finally is close to cornering them!

In the penultimate, hilarious (to me) combat of the game The Pincer shoots at Boggle, but hits The Talon instead! Fortunately the Talon saves the wound with a point of fate. Of course, then Boggle and Etako slam into him and kill him as he has no fate left now!

Finally Brynmor has a second chance to take out The Fang. They both use their remaining might, the Fang wins the combat but fails to breach the dwarven armour!

So in the end it was a nice short game - perfect for an hour or so spare! I think it took us longer to take the photos and work out where to spend our influence and experience than it did to actually play the game =)

The Harad upgrade with some more mounts and another troop. They also suffer some Old Battle Wounds. 

The Dwarves upgrade with some throwing axes and two of them will have to miss the next match due to injury!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Harad Prison Break!

So for this duplicate mission, we swapped places and I took charge of the goblins while my brother led his Harad troops - would he be as successful?

The Falcon leads his squad towards the prison tower in the distance.

Trapped inside is one of the sergents, "The Talon"! A bit rough to have one of your sergeants out of the match (well, at least until he's rescued!)

They charge straight towards the... no... wait... where are they going?

Ahh, actually having some archery on the team, four Harad archers climb the ruined tower, which will allow them to shoot quite a distance over the battleground!

The three spearmen skirt around to the treasure chest, avoiding goblin patrols much more easily than my dwarves due to the human longer legs!

The aerial view allows you to see just how far those bowmen on the ruins will be able to shoot!

Grabbing the treasure (Healing Herbs), The Falcon sticks his crew to the edge of the board as they approach the prison from a completely different angle to the dwarven assault.

A single goblin sentry wanders into the area and is immediately surrounded by Harad spears! Poor goblin.

Until he beats back the three much taller men, who fumbled their weapons atrociously!

As the next turn begins the alarm has been raised! Well, it must be time for him to die this time! Or not! He manages to survive again, losing the fight, but the Harad fail to wound! (Even with 6 dice!)

Meanwhile, The Fang and the Wolf shoot down from their perch, arrows pincushioning two goblins!

On the next turn the luckiest goblin alive... stays lucky! This was soooo bizarre! I wonder if it's the same goblin who held off the dwarves for so long last game? It gives the goblins time to swarm towards the prison from all over the board.

Finally The Falcon takes him out!

In the very close distance you can see a goblin who was trying to skulk behind some rough terrain, but The Fang shoots him at extreme range, taking out another goblin archer!

The Harad archers decide to descend, now that they've taken out so many goblins, but wait, as they retreat a goblin archer swarms up a wall, draws his bow and shoots The Pincer in the back!

The luckiest goblin alive has given the other goblins time to really defend up the prison area.

As the spearmen approach, the goblins swarm into the doorways.

One archer remains, having a shoot-out!

And in some bizarre change of fortune, the goblin archer takes out The Serpent! 

Assaulting the prison, The Fang and The Wolf take out two green goblins.

But as they charge in they are beset by too many to hold back!

Two goblins still blockade one doorway, while The Falcon tries to hold back others.

Of course, The Hawk spears in to save The Falcon from being three against one!

But the goblin counter-attack takes him out!

It's now down to 4 goblins to three humans in the courtyard, The Falcon is hit, but saves it with a point of fate!

But even the leader of the Falcons can't resist the seemingly never ending attacks and falls. The Tiger avenges him!

Outraged by his leader's falling, The Tiger and The Wolf take out another two goblins.

The sole remaining Harad bowman sights the guard at the door, draws back and shoots!

Up he climbs to rescue his sergeant!

The one remaining goblin archer has shorter range on his bow and so The Wolf bites one last time, a clean sweep of all goblins on the table!

Victory to the Haradrim, but at what cost?! Actually, not much cost at all. For this first mission we went easy (as the rules suggest) and there were no rolls on the injury table =)

Rolling to see what the victory reward is nets enough influence to get two reinforcements - another warrior with a spear and a serpent rider! The Wolf fails to advance, but The Fang now has Steady Aim, no more penalty for shooting when moving half speed. The Falcon also upgrades to heavy armour!

Another really close, really fun game. I was sure the goblins were going to win, but near the end a well-timed double kill and the longer bow range just snuck out a victory for The Falcon's Honour!

The next game will be a clash between the two Battle Companies!