Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three down...

Well, today the little guy went off to his Nanna's and gave me almost a whole day! Among sleeping and a chore or two I managed to paint an entire marine and finish off the shoulderpads on the guy I did a test paint on ages ago.

In other words, now I have three!

So here are my completed minis, Drop Pod, Loki and three marines...

Front view. 

Left view...

Right view...

Could do with a touch up or two that I only really noticed when looking at the close-up pictures. I'm still not super happy with the pack markings (red and black). Due to the curvature of the shoulderpad they look like triangles from some angles but not from others! Maybe I'm just being too sensitive.

You'll have to excuse the slight over-brightness from the light bulb being too close also.

Anyway, there you go, some progress, slow but steady!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grey Hunter

Well, in small blocks of time over the last week I've put some paint on one of the Grey Hunters.
Sorry about the slightly overexposed pics, too close to the lamp, but you get the idea.

Fenris Grey -> Black Wash -> Shadow Grey for the basic armour, with two highlights, one of 3:1 Shadow Grey/Space Wolves Grey and one tiny hint of 1:1 of the same. Still think I might need some more highlighting, but I'm not very good at it.

Metals are Boltgun -> Black Wash -> Boltgun highlights -> Chainmail highlight -> tiny bit of Mithril.

Bone is Astronomican -> Bleached Bone -> Gryphonne Sepia wash -> Bleached bone highlight -> Skull white highlight.

A few bits of Dwarf Bronze for trim and some browns for bits and bobs.

The insignia is a black wolf head on a lava patch with blue tinted sky (same as Loki the dreadnought but with a black wolf instead of white).

Pack markings I'm not 100% sure of, so for now just doing standard Grey Hunter stripes.

So one down a bazillion to go =)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another mini-battle report for 40k.

Well, I took these photos quite literally months ago when we last played a game, so I'll only barely be able to remember what actually happened!

My folks are back from their trip, so hopefully I'll have a bit of time again now - though my lamp seems to be blowing bulbs so will have to get that looked at before I can do any more painting.

Anyway, here's another brief report. This was a small game between our two armies. We have been rolling random missions. This one restricted our opening forces to two troops and an HQ. Bad for me because I wanted my drop-pod to come down with my commander and termies! Oh well, I couldn't do that because the mission made me put my HQ down at the beginning. In the end I just put my Long Fangs in the drop pod instead.

Well, here's the opening shot...

As always, forgive the complete newbie mistakes that I make both in strategy and rules! If you click you can see a bit better. There are four objectives. Two crates on the side closest to the camera, a crystal and a crate on the other side of the board.

My brother got to set up first, so put a squad of guardsmen down behind some defensive lines on the near (west) side and around the crystals on the east. I put my first squad (big squad with leader) behind some ruins near the middle of the board and my second squad (smaller with wolf guard to lead them) near the edge of the board close to another objective.

Well, I advanced at a run with my big squad and terminators towards the heavily defended IGs in the west.

My drop pod landed on the eastern side near the edge of the board and unloaded the Long Fangs. I also ran my other Grey Hunter squad behind the defense line near the eastern crate objective.

Then my brother's sneaky infiltrator guys came in on the board right behind me! The hot-shot lasers burned right through my power armour, with no cover from that side!

And if that wasn't bad enough, the same thing happened behind my Long Fangs! Oh no! They were almost wiped out, just a plasma cannon left alive. He saved his leadership test so stayed put.

Darn template weapon smacked down into the crater where my big squad of Grey Hunters were and smashed a whole heap of them down to the ground! Darn sentinel plasma cannon was right on target!

So I really hate the Imperial Guard shooting phase =) Well, the lone plasma cannon trooper took aim, fired, and though he was slightly off target still managed to kill three guardsmen...

Before the sneaks shoot him in the back in the next shooting phase. I don't feel so bad about dying to painted guys, serves me right for having unpainted troopers =)

Just to the south of that the wolf guard who had been attached to the smaller grey hunter squad charged headlong into the nasties that had shot their squad in the back. The thunder hammer may hit slowly, but it hits hard and out of the two squads clashing and two rounds of close combat, he was the only man left standing!

On the other side of the battle, the commander and his terminator armoured companions have weathered the fire of the guardsmen and made it into close combat with predictable results...

Oh, I didn't mention before, but I had a lone wolf (who because of the scenario had to start on the edge of the board and walk). He finally succumbed to enemy fire, but managed to soak up the attention of a lot of guardsmen.

Some more combat later and the guardsmen have all run away, but the Sentinel takes out the space wolves commander with that pesky plasma cannon!

Here's the eastern side. My remaining wolf guard arrayed against a sentinel and lots of IG!

The termies take out the plasma cannon sentinel and turn towards the running guardsmen.

My remaining wolves on the west take out a sentinel that came in from the side with their meltas. 

Which they gun down... leaving just one last guardsman.

And in the last turn, the IG hold the crystal objective on the east. My wolf guard isn't a troop so doesn't count as claiming his objective. 

And on the west my remaining wolves hold their crate and the termies are holding off the few guards on that side of the board. So I guess that makes it a draw!

Well, that's from memory anyway!

Hopefully will get some more stuff up in the next few weeks =)