Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Greenstuff, sand and Fortress - Battle Board painting guide

Well, it feels like I didn't get a lot done yesterday, but it's really slow going when you're waiting for glue to dry!

My brother took me out to get my birthday present and we played a quick skirmish game on the new board when we got back. He won, but only just!

After he left I got to work using green stuff (epoxy resin that you mix and sculpt before it sets hard). I wanted to fill in the remaining skulls by blobbing over the top of them to turn them into rocks. After they're painted the hope is you'll not be able to tell that they were ever there.

I'm still not sure what I want to do in terms of painting the board. My old 2x2.5 foot board was covered with sand and it came out well. I'm not sure I want that much sand though! I've started with just putting some on the hills, both for grip and to direct lava flow.

Again, I'm hoping that a paint job will not make it quite so obvious, but we'll wait and see. If it doesn't end up working with some sand and some not I can either take the sand off or (more likely) sand the whole board.

One coat of glue to put the sand on and another coat of glue over the top of it this morning to make sure it doesn't come off too easily. While waiting for glue to dry I put together the fortress bits Paul got me.

The CNC miniature mdf kits are really cool. You just have to cut the pieces free and then socket them together. The joins are so clever that the kits tend to hold together without even needing glue. I always glue them anyway, just to make sure things are well held for painting and transport etc.

From Milsims they are pretty cheap too, $16 for a section of wall. I got a corner section, an entrance and a straight section. There are also shaped pieces to fill in the openings if you want it to be all closed off rather than open. The corner section has stairs on it leading up to the top level. Just these three pieces are about 17 inches to a side, so it's quite a big structure. Perfect for defending against hordes of goblins or as ancient ruins with a powerful artifact held within.

It's the same materials and company that the village house was made from. I've only done a simple paintjob on it, but even so I think they come up looking good with pretty minimal effort and next to no cost compared to some of the alternatives.

The next few days will be glue and spray paint, so probably nothing to report - Sim.

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