Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dwarf Army

My 982 Point army is finished!
Sure, it's a few short of the magic 1000, but I'm all modelled out at the moment (have to wait for more work for more money).

Have five vault warden teams and re-jiggered a banner bearer (the one that came with the captain that I converted into Brynmor) so that it has a vault warden shield and spear on it.

I'm hoping that with some flank support from Iron and Khazad Guard that five vault warden teams with a banner will be able to hold just about any position!

So there they are in all their fighting glory.

I'm mostly happy with all of them. I'm really pleased with how Etako and Brynmor came out. The Vault Wardens also came out pretty well. Some of them worked better than others, but you'll have to wait for a battle report for a close up as I have no good camera here!

Three of the shields have sort of Celtic shapes, an ourobouros sort and a three and four sided endless loop also. The one in the middle has a stylised fist (it's the Ironfist Clan's second oldest Vault shield). The one on the right has no symbol, but it does have battle damage, you can sort of see it in this shot, but it's more obvious in real life. This one is the oldest of the Vault shields. 

The banner behind them is greenstuff with a greenstuff spear head in similar style to the Vault Warden spears. Obviously it's not as good 'cos it was me making it. With more practice I think I'll be better one day, maybe I need some tools too. I just sort of use my modelling knife at the moment.

On this side you can see the 24 rangers, Brynmor and his 3 Iron Guard and 3 Khazad Guard. I use the Guards with the silver helmets as his bodyguards.

And here's the 24 warriors, Etako and his Iron and Khazad Guard.

My brother and I have been putting together our armies slowly, bit by bit, and I think his Harad army is getting close to 1000 points too. Eventually we may expand them enough to play War of the Ring too.

My goblins are plenty big enough, my dwarves almost are, his harad nearly is and his Minas Tirith/Rohan is rapidly growing too. That will give us one good and one evil army each. Even now if we combined forces we'd have a big enough army.

Anyhow, that's probably all the painting I'll be doing for a while until I get a bit more play money! Feel free to post on the forums if you have suggestions for how to round off the army. I was thinking Mardin to join in with my strong Vault Warden contingent. He'd be great for spear support on a flank as any silly raider thinking to charge around the back to take on the weaker spearmen would be in for a shock.

Unfortunately Mardin has an eyepatch, and two one-eyed dwarves in the same army (almost sounds like the start of a joke) might be a bit much. Also, he'd be mostly wasted points as he can't use his abilities or extra attacks in a support role.

So maybe I'll get one more Vault Warden team, or another blister of Khazad or Iron Guards.

Is two sub-100 point heroes enough in a 1000 point army? This and other deep, philosophical questions have been going around my head for a while now...

Anyway, that's enough of my incessant blathering. As soon as I think up another scenario, we'll be battling it out this week, so stay tuned!