Thursday, April 18, 2013

As addictive as lego building...

Just in case you're all wondering what's happened, here's a clue:

Image from the Hirst Arts website and much nicer than mine!

Arriving a week or so after my birthday were bags of blocks from my wonderful wife! Since then I've been sanding, gluing and am just about ready to start painting. It's my first go with Hirst Arts blocks, so probably won't be as amazing as the ones you see on the internet. Actually, I KNOW it won't be as I've not managed to do it particularly cleanly and straight.

Still, it's so much fun that I'm looking forward to making a lot of these, budget allowing. Slow work though, in this weather and with all the other paraphernalia of life. 

I'll post some pics when it's all done =)

** EDIT: Just dropped it when I was spray painting it. SMASH. So now it's back to gluing again - **sigh**


  1. I have a couple sets of those things. They are _awesome._ Fun and easy to work with (as you said - just like legos!) and with some careful work with a pick or old pliers, easy to weather. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Looking good. Does the weather affect how much you can do then?

    Around how much do these cost?

    1. Yeah, the weather is cold, the building of it is no problem, but the spraypaint undercoat won't work if it's too cold.

      The cost is highly variable depending on where you buy from. I got pre-cast bricks rather than actually buying a mold. So it's cheaper for small amounts, but if you want to do lots of them you're better off buying a mold.

      Just do a search for "Hirst Arts" and you're sure to find somewhere near you that sells them. Shipping overseas is not so good as they're quite heavy.

      Here in Australia I got them from Griffin Grove.

  3. I have a mold and they work really well. Takes a while to build up enough bricks bt you can then build lots of cool stuff. I very much recommend.