Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's not Weathertop

About to head overseas for a week, so although I w
as hoping to finish it off this week it'll probably not be for another week or two (or three - as I have another major assignment to do when I get back).

Instead you'll have to interpret how it might look when painted...

As you can see, it's assembled and this last week it got a black coat of paint...

I'll do a full WIP everything after it's done, but I've taken some of the advice from last time and added more rubble around the place. I've also broken it up into lots of segments to make it a larger terrain piece rather than just a single ruin.



  1. Looking really good. I'm working on a polystyrene terrain set at the moment, but things are slow on the blog front as I'm relocating.

    What did you use to paint it black?

    Enjoy your trip overseas.

    1. Just using cheap black paint from the craft section of bunnings (and same for greys, just adding a bit of white, blue or brown)

  2. I really like the way you split up the pieces over a larger area. It should make for a very impressive centerpiece to your board.

  3. This comment might sound a bit redundant, but here goes: That's quite a large project you've got going here.

    It will be interesting to follow it's different stages in upcoming posts.

  4. Looking forward to seeing this, along with the fieldstone tower, in a SBG.

  5. I love all your scenery because it is homemade and looks good! Great job!

  6. Hi Sims,
    I love your scenery a lot. Very realistic. I can't wait for you to post something new and exciting as always. I hope you can do a battle report for all of us (I think I speak for everyone) and maybe put some more 40k posts on your blog as well.

  7. Hey, when will there be any new things? It´s been a while...

  8. Hey,
    I'm reading your blog and I hope there will be a little update of the work. Really like to see this painted ;-)