Wednesday, March 13, 2019

More hobbit archers (plus friends)

A Hobbit Battle Company can have up to 25 members, so with 1/3 of them being able to be archers I needed some more! I'll max out the archers simply because they're less useless than the others! The hobbits use a short bow, which is way better than most of their (pretty pathetic) melee skills!

One of my heroes is the one with the yellow sash (he won it by getting first place in the archery competition).

One of the problems with collecting hobbits is that there aren't many models to choose from. There are only 4 militia models, 4 archer models and 4 shirrif models. Obviously I've also used some of the variants of the main characters too (especially Frodo and Sam). In an effort to minimise obvious repetition I've tried to paint them all different colours. I guess when I put them all together we'll see how successful I was.

And speaking of which, here's Frodo on a pony. I have the others, but not having painted horses before I put them off for ages! Also, in the new rules, ponies are almost pointless. You don't get any cavalry bonus with them, so they're really just a way of moving more quickly. Also they look kinda cool I guess =)

And since you can hire local guides or elven friends I picked up a few. They're a different brand as we really were desperate for some female representation and there's precious little of that available. I wanted some of the cool Mirkwood ones, but I can only find them for sale in large quantities and don't have the cash for that! They're an ever so slightly larger scale, so I have them on flat bases instead of the normal raised ones and I think that'll smooth things out a bit. I guess, also, they'll mostly only be next to hobbits so it doesn't really matter!

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