Monday, January 17, 2011

Lord of the Rings Scenery

With all those dwarves I got, there were also a few sprues of scenery. I've painted up the statues now as I really like the look they add to things.

They're super easy and quick to paint up. Basically I spray them black, then heavy drybrush codex grey with a big 1cm brush, then light drybrush fortress grey, then highlight with skull white using a smaller brush. After that it's just a really heavy black wash all over and then wait to dry. Too easy!

I couldn't be bothered getting out the board for the shots, but just used my hill instead. I also couldn't be bothered getting any lighting, so the shot isn't brilliant. Actually, looking at it there - you really need to click on it to get the bigger size to see the dwarves at all!

I fear for the dwarves!

And here's my fairly flat scenery wall, spritzed up a little by some statues. Here they are against the pillars between openings...

And blocking the alcoves...

I like that the fallen down ones are the same statue.

Anyway, that's it, nothing too exciting. I now have 4 upright and 4 fallen over statues to fight over =)


  1. Your Balrog is stunning, as is your terrain, and your dwarves, and... :D

  2. Great stuff, I just found your blog today while looking for inspiration for myself just getting started. Your table looks fantastic Battle Board looks fantastic too!

  3. Question with your battleboard. I want to buy that. But I have a kitchen table. i was concerned that edges of the battle board may hang off the table. how stable are the board clips at hold this thing together and not having it buckle?

  4. Good question, Hudson.
    I had the same fear. In the inaugral post you can see the table I use, it's nowhere near 4 foot across but still works!

  5. How is everything going? Is the baby here? Everything going well?

  6. Heya ChristSaves, everything is going really well - except for the sleep deprivation and lack of any free time! Yes, the baby is here (my wife said we made our own miniature) and is healthy and well and very cute.
    I should pop a post up sometime, but thanks for asking.
    Oscar is a great little guy, and I look forward to playing games with him when he's a little older!
    His first task is to learn to sleep longer and more regularly hehe!

  7. Glad to hear that you guys are doing well. I am partway through building a small castle for my minifigures. We tried out a small game with a tower and 2 wall sections, and it was extremely fun! Have you ever played a siege game with your brother?

  8. as always .. stunning ! loving the moria themed army ! would love to play against your dwarves with my moria army :) specially on that board !!

  9. awesome, i would love to know where you buy your foamboard, i cant find any for under $100 for 2'x4' sheet so for the meantime i use cardboard from my workplace

  10. Fantastic Balrog! Did you use shades or just layer paint?

    1. Shades didn't exist (at least not the sort you could just buy) when I painted the Balrog, but the steps I took in painting it are on July, 2010:
      The names of the paints have all changed since then, but the basic method should still work.