Sunday, January 2, 2011

WIP painting dwarves including khazad guard - blues

Well, my lotr sbg dwarven ebay force now has a layer of turquoise also. Most of the warriors don't have any, they all had grey trousers in the original batch I painted. The Khazads and heroes all have turquoise as highlights (as do the dwarves on their shields). So now I'm not sure if I want to go back and repaint my warriors to change their trousers to turquoise as well. It's such a small amount, but adds quite a "pop".

Then again, it's nice to have even more difference between the warriors and the elite guards...

Decisions, decisions!

Here's what I'm talking about:

So on the left are some of my original batch. The trousers are grey, with brown washes added so that they don't just look like the ground. On the right are some of my Khazads (only a couple of them actually have visible pants). They have the blue on them.

I do like the blue, but not sure I can be bothered re-painting all my other dwarves =)

Anyway, here are the current mob all blued up (remember you can click for a bigger version)...

As you can see, the new camera takes, imho, a pretty good shot =) Can't wait to use it in battle, so to speak!

I guess I should go and do beards now, for some reason I don't like doing beards, but they'd look pretty silly with all black ones =)

Oh, and thanks for the nice comments on the forums, these are, so far, just all using paint straight out of the tub, though watered down a little. The purple is just Liche Purple, the blue is Hawk Turquoise, the brown is Scorched Brown, the metal is Boltgun Metal.

Any nice smooth shading effects you're seeing are just the natural lighting on them, not any paint shading. I won't do any of that until all of them have a full base-coat.

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