Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another combi-melta conversion and a scout group.

Well, I had my scout group sitting there and couldn't resist putting it together in the end!

For this group I wanted:

Wolf Guard Pack Leader with combi-melta and Thunder Hammer.

Melta, Mark of the Wulfen, Power Weapon and Plasma Pistol. A fully tooled up and ready to cause havok group. Also I loved the idea of them being really individuals that happen to be working together at this moment rather than a completely uniform group.

So I needed another combi-melta and decided to make it in a different way to the last one.

Here you can see where I cut this time. For this combi-melta conversion I was going to use a storm bolter and a melta gun. I cut the barrel off, the tubing underneath and with my fairly dull hobby knife I slowly pushed and sawed through the side bit as shown in red below.

Then it was a simple matter of filing and cutting down one side of a storm bolter and then adding on the metal bits from the melta.

And here's a top view. I also glued another boltgun tip to the exising storm bolter tip to extend the barrel a little. I think they look cooler that way =)

And here they are with the Wolf Guard. To help him be a scout guard I used a scout torso on him. This didn't perfectly fit with the rest of the power armour, so I had to add a few other bits to hide the join. The front banner will have something freehanded on it when it's painted. 

And the big back shield indicates that he has had other jobs in the past...

So here are my motley group of scouts. They aren't very "wolfed up" and I'm not sure if I'll accessorise them or not yet (let alone use them in a game). I didn't enjoy putting them together as much, the torsos just didn't really easily fit, nor did the arms. I think the newer kits are much more clever.

Here's melta-boy (with metal under his base to balance the heavy gun), wolfen dude (with power armour torso for the wolf fur on his back and wolf helmet) and the wolf guard you've already seen.

And here we have power sword (hard to tell from this angle, but it's the big sword from the space wolf kit), plasma pistol guy (just cut the plasma pistol from a space wolf and swapped it with the default bolt pistol) and the one I like to call Norm the normal scout (but with a space wolf scout head).

Next time I'll show you the full army pic =)


  1. Are you going to return to your Lord of the Rings as in another Battle Report now and then?

  2. I think as long as your job of painting is as good as it is on the rest of your miniatures nobody will be paying attention to their "wolfiness." But I like all the conversions you do, Lord of the Rings doesn't have that many opportunities. Anyways, neat.

  3. Hey there...

    @James - absolutely! It'll be a while though before anything happens. My uni course starts up again soon and my parents (who used to take my boy for a day a week) are going on a two month holiday so I just won't have any time for anything hobby related for a while.

    Probably won't be any more model collecting and painting on the LotR front, but absolutely more gaming - and some more scenery I've been tinkering with too.

    @connoret99 - thanks =) I really enjoy posing and converting the minis to give them personality. My hope is certainly to paint them to a good standard (and thanks for the compliment) it might just take a while!