Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hrun Hornblower and second grey hunter plasma squad

Well it's Monday and I've got the day to myself again as my lovely wife looks after the little man =)

I've been busy and put together my second grey hunter plasma squad. It was pretty straightforward with only a few tweaks to arms and one conversion using the horn from the terminator sprue.

So here is Hrun Hornblower, when enemies hear his horn they tremble in fear!

And here's the second squad, if you'll recall they are the defensive squad, tasked with taking objectives. I've stuck with my plan of giving the pointy helmets to the heavy weapons users and tried to make it so that all the guns were different. There is one copy gun, but I'll swap that with one of the guys in the other plasma squad =) Seeing as how I haven't painted their pack markings nobody will ever know!

Here they are rotated ninety degrees. I've started to hit the end of all the bits and pieces so you'll see some ordinary marine legs, torsos and shoulder pads in the squad. After I've done all the sandy bases I'll put the two divisions out on a board so you can see the whole army. Still have the scouts to go, but lacking enthusiasm for them at the moment.

My brother got a good e-bay Space Hulk without the miniatures and he has some small tyranids. I didn't realise that the terminator bases wouldn't fit the board game, but it doesn't matter so much as we'll just proxy normal space marines instead.

We'll use terminators for the sergeants, I've got one with a sword and storm bolter and another with hammer and shield (as you've seen previously).

So instead of terminators with storm bolters and power fists we'll just use my Grey Hunters with boltgun and close combat weapon.

Instead of the terminator and chainfist we'll use a Grey Hunter with a chainsword.

Instead of a terminator with heavy flamer we'll use a Long Fang with a plasma cannon.

Instead of the terminator with dual claws we'll use a Wolf Guard in Power Armour with dual claws (made him yesterday). He probably won't ever be part of my army, but you never know I guess!

Instead of the terminator with assault cannon we'll use a Long Fang with a heavy bolter (also made yesterday).

You may have seen some heads that you don't recognise from the space wolf sprue, I didn't like all of the super spiked up hair, but I don't mind the braids sometimes. So I took off some of the top knots and filed the head as flat as I could.

Anyway, that's where I'm up to, might sit back, watch some old X-files and glue some sand to some bases now.


  1. All very cool but I think you should still do some LOTR SBG.

  2. Hiya Hasharin, if I had the time I would =)
    As you can see at the moment I only have a couple hours a week, which doesn't give me much!
    It's much harder to fit a game in than it is to fit in a little modelling and at the moment I've finished all my LotR models, so it's going to be 40k for a while until my little boy learns how to sleep properly!