Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grey Hunter

Well, in small blocks of time over the last week I've put some paint on one of the Grey Hunters.
Sorry about the slightly overexposed pics, too close to the lamp, but you get the idea.

Fenris Grey -> Black Wash -> Shadow Grey for the basic armour, with two highlights, one of 3:1 Shadow Grey/Space Wolves Grey and one tiny hint of 1:1 of the same. Still think I might need some more highlighting, but I'm not very good at it.

Metals are Boltgun -> Black Wash -> Boltgun highlights -> Chainmail highlight -> tiny bit of Mithril.

Bone is Astronomican -> Bleached Bone -> Gryphonne Sepia wash -> Bleached bone highlight -> Skull white highlight.

A few bits of Dwarf Bronze for trim and some browns for bits and bobs.

The insignia is a black wolf head on a lava patch with blue tinted sky (same as Loki the dreadnought but with a black wolf instead of white).

Pack markings I'm not 100% sure of, so for now just doing standard Grey Hunter stripes.

So one down a bazillion to go =)


  1. Looks great man! I just started painting but I'm more of an ork guy. I only have the starter set of paints so highlighting is something I haven't gotten into yet either.

    I totally convinced my grandma to paint a space marine from my black reach set, so i'll show her yours when shes all done :P

    -Da Shootiest @

  2. Looking good! I always like your shoulder pad work!