Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three down...

Well, today the little guy went off to his Nanna's and gave me almost a whole day! Among sleeping and a chore or two I managed to paint an entire marine and finish off the shoulderpads on the guy I did a test paint on ages ago.

In other words, now I have three!

So here are my completed minis, Drop Pod, Loki and three marines...

Front view. 

Left view...

Right view...

Could do with a touch up or two that I only really noticed when looking at the close-up pictures. I'm still not super happy with the pack markings (red and black). Due to the curvature of the shoulderpad they look like triangles from some angles but not from others! Maybe I'm just being too sensitive.

You'll have to excuse the slight over-brightness from the light bulb being too close also.

Anyway, there you go, some progress, slow but steady!

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  1. Those look awesome! Fantastic work! It doesn't look bright on my screen, either.