Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The post title is meant to be a sort of howling sound. Obviously I thought it didn't do a good enough job in words, so explained it for you =)

It's taken me two weeks (had a big assignment to do, lawns to mow and there was the matter of the Orcs that Must Die) but I've finished my first wulfen troop.

The Wulfen guys are meant to have been given slightly over too much to the crazy blood inside them. As a result in close combat they are overwhelmed by psychoness and go all out at the enemy, losing control over themselves in the process. To sort of show that, I've given them the wolf style helmets, lots of fur and two guns instead of a close combat weapon.

Rather than using a sword or axe etc. they just drop their guns when close enough and go mental with cybernetically and DNA enhanced power suited fist and boot to baddie action.

Here's the front view...

And here's looking down the barrel of the gun (if I was a modelling and painting genius I'd put some smoke coming from the barrel of the raised gun as though he'd just finished firing it before starting with the pistol.)

Oh, and the wulfen guys I've also modelled with the wolf skull embossed shoulderpad. You can see faint triangular stripes on the fur, they're even more subtle in real lighting, but help break up the otherwise fairly uniform expanse of the fur.

Lastly, the pack marking side. All in all, not a brilliant paint job, but not too bad, especially given the way I tend to do a couple minutes here and there rather than having a chance to sit down and spend a good chunk of time.

Well, that brings my first pack of marines to five guys! Just three "normal" guys, a power weapon and the pack leader to go!


  1. The eyes and the jewels came up great on this one! I particularly like the helmet!

  2. Great helmet. I like a lot the idea of double ranged weapons, it sweat coolness from every pores.
    Keep on with it!