Thursday, October 6, 2011


Another babysat Thursday, another marine done!

I'm surprisingly happy with the face, normally I find them the weakest part, but I quite like the job I did here. Again, the photo is taken a little too close to the light bulb so it's a bit glary.

Here's the banner bearer. Not entirely happy with the black wolf on the banner, I think it's just too plain.

Rear view, only ever seen by his packmates, the enemy will only ever see the front of him as he charges in bolter blazing...

I'm quite happy with the purity seal on this one too, got the little scorched brown squiggles nice and fine.

And the pack markings don't look too terrible this time, though still so hard to get the red and black triangles right on a curved surface!

Well, until next Thursday's paint session...

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