Thursday, February 2, 2012

LotR SBG Battle - Dwarves vs Haradrim

Well what do you know, there's a blog here!
My boy turned one last week and he's been taking up pretty much all of my time - still not a good sleeper, I'm afraid!
My awesome Mum looked after him today so that I could duck over to play a game with my brother. 

We'd both forgotten how cinematic and easy to play the SBG is. Really we didn't have to look up rules even though it's been forever since we last played. 

No time to do a full battle report right now, but I will try to do it over the next little while.

To whet your appetite here are some pictures from the game - which I lost! 

We put together 700 points worth of guys. Basically all of his Harad forces and three squads of dwarves. Click for the bigger picture if you want more details.

We rolled up a reconnoiter mission - d'oh! My slow dwarves would have difficulty with that. Fortunately there were two choke points at the river and I'd taken plenty of archers!

Here's the deployment phase:

And now for some random pics of game progress:

Here is the Betrayer doing what he does best - causing mayhem. He was truly nasty in this game. He stayed with the archers to give them their bonus poison for the initial volley fires, then charged forward to transfix my heroes - resulting in poor dwarven deaths. After that he took black dart pot-shots at my banner bearers as he rode off the map to gain victory points.

Here's one of my dwarf leaders face down on the riverbank having been well and truly ganged up on, it was a close fight and he squared off for a few rounds before eventually succumbing.

Here's Suladan the magnificent attacking some pesky dwarven archers. Suladan rode around like a whirling death-sword on four swift legs. He would dart in, kill a dwarf or two, then ride back out before striking in again hit and run style. Racked up a few kills before eventually being de-horsed by an arrow and leading the charge off the map for a victory point.

And here's another messy melee as the cavalry charge in, knocking dwarves flying and generally making me really work hard to stop them breaking through.

What a great game, so much fun and so easy to play. Tons of dice rolls, lots of really cinematic stand offs and derring do! Can't wait for another game, hopefully with less time between this and the next game!


  1. Glad to see you back!

    How do you think you'll change your lists for the new sourcebooks this weekend? (one hero per 12 warriors)

  2. Great to see you posting again!
    I have really enjoyed reading all your old battle reports (especially the goblin ones), and you terrain is awe inspiring. Keep up he good work!

    1. Didn't mean to post anonymous or to misspell "the".

  3. I think I like the idea of the new rules, though I haven't actually seen them properly yet.
    In this game I had one leader per 12 troops in three war bands.
    My brother is going to buy some more leaders as he doesn't have enough yet.

  4. loving the blog, just started collecting lotr sbg, am enjoying catching up with the older posts, hope you will be doing lots more sbg battle reports, your scenery and miniature painting is top quality and your battle reports have a good mix of story telling and rules, one criticism if i may is that i dont think your bases do justice to your painting, i know with the little one time is limited but please post more battle reports

    cheers, Bograt

  5. Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoy the blog and minis =)

    I love my bases! They blend in so well on the board (my moria board - my minis are dwarves and goblins).

    I don't like bases that look too scenic as I think it looks funny when they move around.

    I only relent on that for my heroes to help find them quickly. I guess I like looking at individual minis with nice bases but as a whole I like my matching the board ones, though admit its just a matter of personal taste.

    Might try for another game next week so stay tuned!

    1. yeah now i have read through previous bat reps they look perfect for the moria board. just not so much on the grass but i guess you cant have it both ways

  6. A return to SBG! Huzzah! Your blog is one of the primary reasons I first got into the game, and your projects have been most inspirational.

    your brother ought to look into Abrakhan guards. They are a wonderful addition to any harad force. cracking open D8 on 5s for 8pts? yes please!

  7. I should mention that your blog inspired the way I comment on my battle reports and the kinds of pictures I try to get. Great to see those Dwarves back in action!