Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LotR SBG Great Eagle Base

All my base is belong to me =)

Thanks to The Last Alliance and Typhoon2 there, I found out that the Great Eagle uses a base even bigger than the cavalry base - woohoo! 

This was good news because a bigger base means more stability. It was bad news in terms of meaning the Eagle wasn't finished yet!

Anyway, short post to show what I did...

Basically I glued the old base onto a new bigger base.

Ages ago I got four sprues of LotR terrain. I painted most of them up (you often see the statues in our battle reports) but had saved one of each type just in case I wanted them for something else. So I got the "fallen down broken" statue and chopped it up into it's separate bits. You can see some of what was cut away in the picture below. I greenstuffed the big gaps, pressed some small stones into the greenstuff to texture it. A bit of cork was added between one break and a smaller rock between another (as though the statue fell and broke against these rocks). Then I dipped it in my sandy mix with some glue.

Here it is painted grey. My usual base/rock paintjob. ie. paint it all black, then heavy drybrush of Codex Grey, then a lighter drybrush (or two) of Fortress Grey, then a tiny tiny highlight of Skull White.

And here it is after a Badab Black wash, really heavy wash to tie the colours into the board I play on.

I then did another tiny bit of highlighting on the statue to further define some of the edges and then it was done! The whole job was done in two half hour blocks, one to do the cutting, gluing and greenstuffing, one to do the painting.

And here it is from above, you can see that I've put the Eagle and original base right on the very edge to maximise the stability, keeping the center of mass as close to the center of the base as I could.

So thanks for the comments and here's hoping we get a game in tomorrow =)


  1. Looks better on the bigger base, I thought stability might have been an issue on the smaller one. You've inspired me to get the 3 great eagles. I've already located and priced them up. Keep up the good work.

  2. Awesome, I echo DMS's comment, it looks so much better on the bigger base - I may have to buy one for myself...

  3. It looks amazing! What size is the correct base? I might get one of these myself...