Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Not necessarily the most exciting post of all time, but pretty cool for me. My wife found a great glass front cabinet going very cheap on eBay so...

My son helped me organise all the miniatures so that they look good with the doors closed and are all sorted out into warbands.

Top shelf is quite high (cabinet is over 2m tall) so you don't usually see it much. It has my few Space Wolves in it.

Next shelf has some miscellaneous stuff like the Fellowship, ents, eagles, wizards, wild wargs, fell wargs and Burdhur.

Then come the Harad army, about 912 points worth (mostly in the Mumak and Wraith on Fellbeast.

Then the goblin horde! 2197 points worth of Balrog, trolls, warg riders, spiders, bats and lots of goblin warriors.

Finally it's the dwarves looking VERY short with no tall models like the other armies have. 1828 points all up!

So there you go, for about $40 (which is less than some of the metal minis cost nowadays!) I now have a much more dust free and nice to look at place to store all my miniatures.


  1. Looks nice! I still have to store my minis in a closet or on a shelf, which has led to some fun times when I spilled them everywhere and had to hunt through the closet for them.

    1. Thanks! Yes, mine had all been in boxes in a cupboard under the stairs! I was getting bummed at how many had scratches on them from bumps and drops.