Tuesday, November 27, 2018


This post is about painting Saruman.
It was such a lot smaller model than the dragon!

For those of you who don't want the step by step, here are the three wizards: Gandalf the Grey, Radagast the Brown and Saruman the White.

I started with Zandri Dust on all the under-robe areas, Ushabti Bone on all the rest of the robes. The hair was grey, staff was black and white on the top.

From the back you can see it's just a lot of Usahbti Bone!

I highlighted the Ushabti to Screaming Skull fairly broadly along the ridges and then a bit of Ceramite White just on the very edges. I also used the white on the hair. I made sure I did the eyebrows and moustache as well as the beard after painting skin colour on the skin.

You might be able to see the bone/white colours better on the back.

Next I did an overall wash in Seraphim Sepia for the robes and Nuln Oil on the hair. 

The reason I went with the bone rather than grey white is because I didn't want him to just look like a lighter Gandalf. Having said that, at this stage I thought I'd pretty much mucked it all up as it looked way too yellow.

However, all was not lost! I got out my Tyrant Skull drybrush and went fairly strongly over all the exterior sections (including the hair!). I did it in two or three lighter layers until I was happy with the tone, then went along the very edges with Ceramite White paint. The skin had some Elf Flesh (I don't know what that's called now).

So it's still got a bit of a yellowy/sepia/bone colour to it, but is still quite light. It's particularly bright when it's on the game-board, as you can see from the first photo.

So now I've got the three wizards, I'm unlikely to play with them, but it's still fun to have them =)

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