Friday, December 31, 2010

WIP painting dwarves including khazad guard - brown

Been pretty busy this last week, so haven't really done any painting, finished the brown layer off this morning.
Did some beards brown, will do others blonde, grey, red etc. so that's why some are beard painted and others aren't.
Looks like we'll probably fork out for a new camera soon, so hopefully that will mean better shots in the future!

And with the new camera =)

I don't know if you can actually tell from these size images, but the new camera is fantastic! It's roughly a bazillion times better =)

Anyway, slow but steady progress (made slower by all the cheap games on Steam at the moment!)


  1. Why don't we see some painting steps from you brother? The Harad look great

  2. You can find his blog here:
    He's got lots of stuff over there, including the Mumak, I think he's got some Harad on the way at the moment, but it's been too hot here in Melbourne to paint!
    Head to his site and ask =)