Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought Loki Finished

Well, with bits and pieces done here and there I think I've pretty much finished him now =)

Firstly I freehanded some celtic tattoos on him. You may need to click to see them larger but basically they're an unbroken line. One in the shape of a cross as befits a memorial, the other in the shape of a claw, which is one large knot with four smaller ones and some claws.

I got the basic idea from a google image search, then filled a couple sheets of paper trying to get one that fit and be paintable in such a small space.

Here's a wolf from the same tutorial series as the one on the banner. I've since blended him a little better. (

This celtic wolf claw was pretty much my design, loosely based on a celtic moon I saw for the zig zaggy claw bits. I'm sure there are others just like it out there, given that there's a limited number of ways to connect things!

You can see in the above that I've basecoated the claws in Regal Blue, that's to prepare them for the lightning.

Pretty cool huh =) I took some WIP shots so might put another post up with a "how to" even though I've seen other (better) ways of doing it in magazines and on other sites.

Of course, when I pulled the arm off the blu-tac half of the paint on the back stripped right off too, so I had to touch that back up. I'm really, REALLY hoping that when I varnish it, such things might not happen so easily.

I also stuck an axe/spike tattoo on the back to fill in that bit of blank space.

So what does he look like all together...

Here's a back view.

A claw-eye view, looks particularly good at full size.

Looking down into the lava at the base.

Standard from above type shot.

And a portrait rather than landscape shot front on.

To be honest, he's not glued to the base yet. I need to varnish him, but it's been raining all day today! When the weather improves I'll spray it with a matt finish for a bit of extra protection.

So there you have it, may have taken a while and was pretty slow progress, but I'm pretty pleased with the end result. It's nothing like you'd find in a white dwarf magazine, but I'd like to think it's better than average table-top too. 

I'll have to fill you in on the background fluff at a later date, I'm wasting precious sleeping time right now!

Oh, but one last look at my entire Space Wolves army =)

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