Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Loki the Dreadnought

Slower progress than usual this week, our poor little doggy Loki had to go to doggie heaven =(

A mixture of age and long term illness, but we're all very sad to see him go.

So as a result, since Loki is a good Norse type name, I've decided to name the dreadnought in his honour. I've covered everything with a layer of paint now, so it's looking good now. The photos are a bit washed out, but hopefully you get the idea. You can see I've done a little name scroll with "LOKI" on it, and will do similar on the back banner, which has had no work done on the front of it yet.

You may notice a few missing tiny chips on the left arm, paint just doesn't seem to want to stick to it for some reason. I'm hoping that the fixing spray after I've done will help that. I've done some green lenses on various lensy type bits. I'm not very good at them, but I think they look okay and add a bit of colour.

And here's the right side, with wolf skull over the human skull. The shots are really too washed out to get the detail, will take better photos once he's done. 

The flamer was the heavy flamer from the terminator kit, cut down a bit to fit next to the claw.

I've also mucked around a tiny bit with some of the minis...

My wolf-lord to be (Skodi - named after our other dog, who is very much still with us)...

When I make a base for him I plan on having some lava underneath to glow on the cloak, we'll see how that goes.

My assault cannon termie, Osgar, with frost sword converted to angle down, sort of like he's using it to counter-balance the cannon. 

I really love the big belt feed and feel of the massive cannon!

And one of my wolfen guys, because they launch themselves viciously into close combat, I figured I'd model him with his two guns, which he throws to one side before pouncing on his prey. 

So that's where things are at the moment. I've just bought more shadow grey and space wolves grey, so should be able to start doing the highlighting on the dreadnought soon. Then it's just fixing up the front of the banner, sticking an axe or something strapped to his back to cover some more skulls and he'll be ready to fight!

My brother has been churning out units, but since a venerable dread is worth so many points we'll probably not be too far apart points-wise!

You can check out his progress here:

Can't wait to play on his 3-D Hirst Arts block space hulk board!

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  1. Very sorry to hear about Loki...
    Dreadnaught is coming along well. I like the ammo feed on that guy's assault cannon too :) Balancing on that sword is a good pose! I like the details they've added to the space-wolf-themed versions of each weapon.