Friday, April 29, 2011

Grey Hunters

Just a quick post between baby duties to let you know that I haven't been completely idle!

I've glued together my three squads of Grey Hunters.

Yet to be named and painted, but these are WIP shots =)

First Squad:

8 Grey Hunters. 1 with Wolf Standard, 1 with Meltagun, 1 with Mark of the Wulfen and 1 with power weapon. I've modelled this squad with Boltguns and close combat weapons. The Space Wolves box is just so fantastic and putting together the minis is sooooo much fun. There is so much posing that you can do and so many different looking bits!

As you can see, I stole some weapons from other kits (the good old dwarves again mostly). The kit comes with chainswords, which I don't mind, but wanted to individualise as much as I could. You can also see some of my blue guys here and there so that I'll have 24 power armored guys in the end, 22 in the squads and 2 for squad leaders (wolf guard).

I've used the wolf helmet for my wulfen guys and modelled both of them with bolt pistol and boltgun. When they get close to the enemy they throw their guns away and leap at them, kicking, punching, kneeing etc. =) The standards are attached to spears from some skeletons I had lying around and they're bare headed. I've given all the heavy weapons guys the beaked helmets. The other guys are all helmeted. I wanted to save bare heads for "stand out" guys and characters etc.

Anyway, here's my second squad. Where the first squad is going to charge towards the enemy, ready for close combat, my second squad of six guys, one of whom has a plasma gun, is going to hold objectives and shoot from a distance.

One of them (Tancred of the Tankard) is famous (or infamous) for toasting the enemy right in the middle of battle! These guys are all modelled with two handed grips on their boltguns except for one guy with a grenade and one with a tankard to represent that they'll be at a distance holding objectives.

The third squad is identical in load-out to the first, but to distinguish them I've modelled them as having their bolt pistols and close combat weapons. This squad has some of my favorite poses in it. The melta-gun guy on the left, the wulfen guy and the big axe in particular. 

I spent a lot of time trying to make the poses "work" in terms how their arms, torso and legs went together. Guys swinging back heavy weapons are either swinging their bodies back or really bracing themselves with their legs. Guys with aimed guns are sighting down their guns etc.

It was great fun, there are a few that only work from certain angles, but most of them I really like the look of. It'll be even better when they're painted, obviously!

Here is a line-up...

So there you go, progress has been made, just little bits of gluing here and there!

Once I glue together my wolf guard I'll have an HQ, three Troops and some Elites and will soon be in training missions with my brother's Imperial Guard =)

You'll probably have to put up with battle reports where we muck up rules and have lots of unpainted miniatures when we get there!

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  1. The posing came up really well. I love some of the different helmets on your guys!