Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ruins on full realm of battle board with 40k and Mumak

As promised, here are some shots on the full board with Mumak and some 40k Space Wolves for scale. Unfortunately it was getting dark outside and our light bulbs, though they've saved us lots of money, are too dim for good photos!

Here are my currently painted Space Wolves.

Here is a close-up of some Haradrim clambering up the back slopes...

And here are some coming up the front steps.

The Space Wolves can get up the steps easily too...

Even a Wolf Lord wants to party up the top...

And there's the Mumak for comparison. To get the height I wanted I put it next to the polystyrene and stacked it up so that the howdah would be level with the top of it. I figure the Harad can leap onto the ruins, and certainly shoot without pesky height differences!

Here's a shot from the other side so you can see how big the Mumak is!

And from the back...

And from as above as I could get standing on a chair over the table (glad I didn't drop the camera!)

Obviously the two tiles don't need to be next to one another and can be used separately or just moved apart from one another. I'm thinking of building a little bridge that can be used to connect the two with a gap between them wide enough to ride a horse (or run a warg) down.


  1. That'll be really great to play on at some stage!

  2. Fantastic work and good on you for flying the banner for LOTR / Hobbit - I fell off that wagon a little while back, but reading your blog gets the old Tolkien inspiration flowing again. Looking forward to a battle report with this fine piece some time soon.

  3. I love to see people playing the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings game! It's good to know that there are other people who collect them, too.