Friday, September 20, 2013

Space Wolf Wolf Guard with Assault Cannon and Frost Sword

Well, over three days of child naps and then some I decided to go back on my original plan of painting complete squads and just paint whatever I felt like. What I felt like was one of my favourite minis I put together. 

Here is my Space Wolf Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour with an Assault Cannon and Frost Sword.

He's using his sword to brace as he lays down heavy fire...

Here's a view of the cannon. I put some greenish wires in just for a bit of extra colour, although it's not as if there's not already enough going on!

From the back you can see the shells and belt feed to the gun. I quite like the bulk of it all.

The stripes on the frost weapon are my first attempt at a sort of blended swordy type thing rather than an electricity power weapon effect, hopefully to help me tell them apart.

And, of course, when a frost weapon meets lava, the frost sword wins, hopefully it looks a little like the lava is solidifying or at least crusting over near the sword.

Unfortunately these shots were taken under pretty harsh light, so they're a bit harsh and bright. My two, so far, terminator armoured marines.

And another angle...

The sword looks a little better blended from a distance. (I hope!)

So who knows what will be next, but I had a blast painting him, it's so over the top, the size of the gun, the massive armour, the lava... great fun!

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  1. I think the last photo shows the effect of the sword really well. Looks good with the two terminators together!