Thursday, April 22, 2010

Banner Bearer

Just a quick addendum to the prototype dwarf.
I decided to do the banner bearer too, as the banner kept getting in the way when reaching across for the next mini to do.
Photos are a little blurry, but the dwarven symbols on the top spell Etako and the central circle bit is meant to be a clenched fist, but looks like a lot of squiggly black dots instead. Might paint over and have another go at it at some point.
The standard is in silver and gold, the bearer is in silver and bronze.

And from the back...

And now you'll have to be patient for more photos. Here's the mob with their bases codex grey. Now I'm going to kick back and paint 46 bases with a highlight of Fortress Grey. Fun, fun, fun!

On the plus side, since I've already done one archer, there's one fewer of them. I don't like archers. I know you need them in your army when you've got short, stumpy legs. But, they just rub me all the wrong way. You know what I'm saying, they're just a little too, well, "elvish".


  1. I may have already posted this, but I can't see it because my laptop messed up (methinks it's tie for a new one). If I have already posted then sorry, but I was wondering which banner parts you used for the banner bearer and also if you just had the parts spare or if use a site that sells bitz, because I've been looking for one for ages. Your Dwarves look fantastic, especially the imaginative conversions! This has filled me with inspiration, so thanks.

  2. I used some parts off a sprue that had skeletons on it, I think they're called Tomb Kings or something, from the warhammer fantasy battles range. I just got rid of the skulls and stuff and painted it colours and runes to suit the dwarves.

    For some reason over the years I've bought some space marines, lizardman skinks, skeletons and warhammer fantasy dwarves, so I have some bits and pieces lying around from all of them =)

  3. Thanks a bunch, and may I say, your blog is fantastic. Nice dwarves =)