Thursday, April 29, 2010


Although I prefer the chocolate kind of brownies for eating, I'm quite happy that the dwarves now have brown boots, weapon hafts, bows, pouches, belts, etc.

My wife had to work back late last night, so I got more painting done than I thought I would.

They are just a couple of steps away from what I'd call the most basic tabletop versions. Just have to do the fletching on the arrows and their trousers now.

Although the amount of painting with each step seems to diminish, the time taken doesn't. As you get to paint areas that are bordered by bits you've already painted you have to go quite slowly so that you don't go "over the lines". I am using a 5/0 brush for all of this work (except for the initial greys on the cloak and bases, that was just an old brush.

There were still a few times when I strayed into the wrong colour territory, so a little neatening up work will happen when I do the highlighting.

Speaking of which, after I do the fletching and pants it'll be on to highlighting, washing and detail work.

The fletching I'll be doing in the same way as the prototype dwarf (see back a few posts) so a basecoat of foundation astronomican grey followed by some mud washes. The pants are just codex grey.

The brown step really took them one big step towards looking completed. From slightly above there is almost no more black on them (except the archers).

Anyway, better get on with this painting! I want to get them done in time to face off against my brother's new Mumak! (

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