Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prototype this...

Well, time to get down to the nitty gritty now.

When I sprayed the dwarves I used a very slightly different method than when I'd done my goblins. With the goblins I got a big flat surface (the lid of the Mines of Moria set) and put them all in rows on it. When I sprayed I found that the goblins towards the middle of the board weren't done quite as well.

This time I put them in rows on box edges so it was much easier to get the front and backs sprayed.

Then I transferred the little guys to their paint pots. Oh, some other things I learnt. Twist them off rather than pulling, that way the blu-tac comes away more easily from the cardboard without tearing bits of paper and cardboard off.

As you can see in the picture below, I arranged them in order.
They're standing next to their "twin", I think that'll make it easier, at least a little, for my brain as it goes through them.
They're also standing so that all the rangers with their cloaks are together.
Oh, and all the archers are standing together too.
Again, I figure any small repetition will make life easier. This way I can just work my way through them assembly style.

Sorry for the photo quality too, but using my ancient camera rather than the much nicer camera my brother brings around for our games.

Anyway, I know lots of you want to see the first painted dwarf, so before I started batching them I picked a ranger out and painted him up.

It took me three hours, but that's because I'm very slow, not because the job was complicated!

I've done one coat and a little highlighting, but not much. I'm still mucking around with the purple highlighting. Went for Liche Purple mixed with Fortress Grey, but was a bit pinkish to start with. Not to mention a bit of a pain to do for so many minis. So yet to decide what to do with that yet.

I can't remember how I did the Mad Cat (see pic in previous post) but I think I may have used some Warlock Purple and then washed it down with some Leviathan. Anyway, will do some experiments on that. Maybe I should mix it with Codex for a darker look.

Well there's the prototype on the board. I'm pretty happy with the camo cloak, blends in nicely with the board.

As I said, simple techniques here...
Liche purple for the purple. Highlighted (not much) as described above.
Scorched brown for the browns. Then either some Snakebite Leather or Bestial Brown drybrushed on.
Boltgun metal for the metal followed by a bit of Chainmail for highlight.
Tallarn Flesh for the skin, followed by multiple washes of Ogryn Flesh then a little highlight of Dwarf Flesh, then some more washing.
Astronomican Grey for the hair and arrow fletching. Washes of Gryphonne Sepia for the hair (lots of them), Devlan Mud for the arrow fletching (two or three washes).
The cloak was just splodged here and there by Codex Grey and Fortress Grey and then dotted a bit with Chaos Black randomly (even though there was still some showing from the undercoat). Then a few washes with Badab Black. It looks quite messy close up, but looks better from a distance.

Side view.

Back view.

Oh yeah, the topknot was a bit of beard from another dwarf that I stuck on his bald head.

So as you can see, quite a simple paintjob, only one level of highlights, probably all I can handle with 48 of them. I'll spend more time and effort on Etako himself (when I work out what to do to model him) and the Khazad and Iron Guard (when I get around to getting them).

Oh, I should also mention that the lighting makes everything a little bright. The purple is actually a bit darker IRL.

The only real difference between these guys and the warriors is that the warriors have helmets and armour. That's good for me, less skin, less hair = more easiness! I'll be keeping them purple and silvery metal for the general troops, then using bronzes and golds for the elites.

I'm pretty happy with the effort, paints straight from the pots, no mixing or fancy techniques, so should be easy to do. Note, not quick, I've already mentioned that I'm a bit slow at this stuff!

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