Saturday, April 24, 2010

Skinning Dwarves

Blog title just sounds plain nasty doesn't it?!

Didn't have a lot of time to work on the dwarves today, but more time than I thought I'd have.

Did the drybrushing of Fortress Grey over the ground and dabbed it on the Ranger cloaks.

Almost forgot to WIP picture it, so you can see the back row of dwarves are already skinned.

I'm still not sure about the cloaks. They look really well camoflaged but also look like a horrible mess. Can't really have it both ways I suppose.

So why did I choose to do the skin tone next? Good question. Don't really have an answer. I guess I like to see their faces a little. I used a smallish brush, but wasn't too careful, still have to do all the adjacent parts anyway so doesn't really matter if I have to paint over some splashed out face or hands.

I used Tallarn Flesh foundation as the skin tone. I've found for quick jobs a coat of it really covers the black well and then you can be lazy and use a couple of washes to get a table top look pretty quickly. I often then highlight with a touch of dwarf flesh then wash again to make it a little nicer.

These 24 pack plastic dwarves are a bit dodgy sometimes in the way they're put together, so some of the detail is blurred out. It's particularly hard with the eyes. Some of them just don't really have eyes. We'll see about the eyes (pun intended) when we get there, a long way yet!

Anyway, I watered down the Tallarn Flesh a fair bit, it really seems quite "chunky" out of the pot and even thinned it covers the black brilliantly. You can see up the back I've got three metal Khazad Guards, cheap e-bay pick-up that I'm glad I got. The other metals I'm going to have to get from GW if I can't find them elsewhere, which means more cost, even though I won't be getting many metals at this stage.

Yet to decide on the model I'll use to make Etako.

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