Saturday, December 4, 2010

Armies of the 2010 December Heroes of Middle Selby Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Tournament

Here are the four armies of the 2010 December Heroes of Middle Selby Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Tournament 

Catchy acronym: HoMS LotR SBG

(screencap from the pdf again, sorry - click for full size if you can't quite read them):

As you can see, four fearsome bands of warriors, all out to do their nations proud.

I've gone for a small, but rock hard band of dwarves. Had to try out my new shieldbearer! The "weakest" link are my two iron guard who "only" have defence 6 =) They're going to struggle in the missions that rely on some numbers, like the storm the camp one, but Etako is tough as nails, so I'm hoping that I'll achieve some Oaths with him, especially with shieldbearer support. More fluff than competitive, but hopefully will be fun!

My other group is a mess of goblins, fairly standard starter-kit I guess. Durburz isn't the greatest hero out there, but a cave troll is pretty powerful in a small group! I thought I'd way outnumber my brother's armies, I assumed he'd have cavalry for some speedy action. As it turns out I don't outnumber him much, which is a bad sign for goblins! Hopefully the troll will make up for any fun value lost by Al'Abisir Makahr slaughtering goblins =)

Obviously both my armies fall down a bit in speed, they'll be last to the party in every mission. The dwarves will be okay, arrows find it hard to penetrate mithril. The goblins sometimes surprise with their jumping and sneaky cave dweller rules, so can be quick to get to harder to reach places.

Our aim is to play on Tuesday, assuming nothing else comes up, so you can expect a report by the end of the week. Baby is due in 7 weeks, so I'm hoping to get the tournament all finished before then! Even with Christmas shenanigans we'll do our best to fit in the 16 games =)

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