Thursday, December 23, 2010

WIP painting dwarves including khazad guard

Well, I bid on a couple of ebay auctions and accidentally won all of them!
They're all metals and include:
12 dwarven warrior archers
6 dwarven warriors with shields
3 dwarven warriors with two handed axes
11 khazad guard
2 dwarven kings
a couple of Balins and four sprues of scenery.

I will be following pretty much the same order as last time, so far I have assembled them and spray painted them black as a base (though I didn't do a great job and will have to touch them up or just spend a bit more time on the metal bits that are showing (not an issue really if it's armour!)

My wife picked out some beads from a jewellry making shop that look a little like bits of columns or something, so I've popped them on a few bases, which I've done a Codex Grey drybrush (heavy) followed by a light Fortress Grey one. Can't really tell in the pictures, but the second brushing really helps!

The kings and heroes are standing on some bits of gravel I found outside, one of them is on a bit of balsa wood that I scratched up a bit. A few of the other dwarves are also randomly angled by putting one foot on a small pebble.

The neat thing is that once these are all done I'll be able to field 20 archers (2 volleys of strength 3 bows), have 10 2-handed warriors (after converting one previously to a banner), 20 khazad guard (I love those guys)  and some miscellaneous heroes to come up with stories for =)

Also I quite enjoy painting the shield guys, so more of those is always good!

If my brother and I ever decide to have a crack at war of the ring it'll be easier now with the selections I have.

And I think after these are painted up I may even have as many points of dwarves as goblins!

No ETA on finishing, what with Christmas, New Years and a baby due soon, but I'll update when I can

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  1. Awesome!
    I need to get a load of dwarf characters still..