Saturday, December 25, 2010

WIP painting dwarves including khazad guard - Metallics

Well, it took a couple of days doing a bit here and a bit there, but have done the metallic first coat now.

You may notice that it's a different order to last time. With the chainmail sections of armour I tend to do a sort of drybrushing, which always intrudes a little into adjacent areas. Last time I saved this until later in the process, not having done it before, and bits of metal got onto other bits.

I know this happens when batch painting, but want to minimise it without adding to the total time taken. I was also a little less careful than last time, knowing now that the badab black wash does a great job of separating out the armour plates. 

As before I've used Boltgun metal to paint the armour on my snazzy new collection of dwarven warriors, archers, khazad guard and kings. On top of the rank and file this will be topped with chainmail and highlighted with mithril on some plates, bronze on others. The kings will get chainmail, mithril and gold.

I find the chainmail armour the hardest, getting the link definition without blobbing into the little holes is tricky and I don't think I get it right very often. Fortunately from a gaming distance it's no problem!

Not sure what colour I'll do next. Probably purple or brown.

Will keep plugging away a little at a time before cracking and doing at least one by itself. =)

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