Monday, May 2, 2011

Wolf Guard apply here...

I've had some free time over the weekend and today. Monday's are my child-free day and usually I have uni work to do, but I finished my assignment early so had some hobby time today!

I've been busy too!

Finished off my Wolf Guard, which means all my marines (except the scouts) are done now! Well, they're assembled anyway!

So here they are for your perusal...

If they're a bit dark, try clicking for the larger picture (assuming you care that much!)

Here is Etako Ironfist (also known as Etako One-eye). Yes, it's Etako in the far distant future =)

He still has his trademark fist, and also a combi-melta, a follow up post will have details on the combi-weapons and conversions I've made.

Etako will be leading one of my Grey Hunter packs.

Here's another one of my Grey Hunter pack leaders. He's nameless at the moment, but don't worry, I'll get to all that =) He has a thunder hammer and combi-plasma. Both squad leaders are standing on a small bit of cork and may have a little lava underneath them. They also have a little back standard thing to help differentiate them easily from the troops.

Here's one of my terminator Wolf Guard. He has the iconic thunder hammer and storm shield. He's the "striding forward purposefully" model feet. I found a bit of gravel with an incline that matched the angle of his feet and so now instead of leaning forward, he's climbing up a slight incline. I quite like the pose. (But I would, wouldn't I!)

Here's my cheapest termie (for use as a squad commander in a pinch with my third, ranged, troop squad). He has a standard storm bolter and a wolf claw.

I already posted Ocsar previously, my Assault Cannon and Frost Sword terminator. 

And here's Skodi, the leader of the pack (I hope you don't all get the old Shangri-La song stuck in your head when you read that) without his cape on at present. I know I've made life hard for myself by putting them all together before painting, but at least here I've left the cape so I can paint his back and the cape! Don't get me started on how I'm going to do a half-decent job on the marines, but I was just so eager to get them put together!

And lastly my fourth Wolf Guard terminator, or possibly my Lone Wolf. I really love the Lone Wolf concept for another Elite slot. I may even make him a secondary leader, a Wolf Guard Battle Leader. My brother will be playing Imperial Guard (you can see some of them in the background) and has some Sentinels and soon some tanks. So a chainfist might come in handy! How I built this one will be in another post, but it was simple and looks pretty cool.

But the coolest thing (IMHO) is that I lined him up so that he's looking right through the gap in his shield, as though he were blocking a lascannon shot or something. I tried to get the shield so it covered as much of him as I could from this angle. Behind him is his wolf companion (the Wild Warg Chieftain). It looks remarkably similar to some of the Fenrisian Wolves in the codex.

The IG troops in the background are my team effort with my brother to both have an HQ and two troops choices finished so that we can actually start playing!

Anyway, I really, REALLY love the terminator models, always have. Oops, baby is crying...


  1. Etako's gotten taller! Lots of time to grow, I suppose. Slow and steady....