Thursday, March 31, 2011


After ordering on the 23rd of February it was posted from Nottingham, England on the 7th of March and arrived here in Victoria, Australia today on the 1st of April. No fooling!

Sprues, glorious sprues. Actually, it's a bit overwhelming at the moment.

Haven't had time to do anything more than unbox it at this stage. Yesterday my mum came and helped look after the little guy for several hours, so I got some more painting done on the old Dreadnought too.

Here's the body, two reddish gem things and all the heads now bronze and blue backed with some bones as well. Still not 100% happy with it yet, but getting close to gluing it all together for a better look.

Here are the legs. I tried to do the diamond bits like red gems, but I don't think I did a good job. They look okay, but not gemlike. Don't really know how to do that shape!

And did a quick fenris grey and boltgun coat on the close combat arm. Oh, and some lighter drybrushing on the back of the standard. Oh, and a bit of red and orange on the melta. 

Next up I'm going to take the heavy flamer from the Terminators kit and try to cut it to fit the dreadnought in place of the bolter. Should be fun =)

And I guess now I'd better finalise my army list. I'll be putting together 500 points worth of stuff ASAP so we can finally play a game, then I'll have two 1750 lists, the one I'll be able to make cheaply and the one I'll eventually want =)

Anyway, a baby needs changing and feeding, so off I go!


  1. So many pieces - looks like fun! Glad it finally came!

  2. I think the dreadnought is turning out awesomely!