Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slow but steady...

Haven't been up to much save being a stay at home dad with a baby who doesn't sleep much during the day! He averages about three 25 minute sleeps a day, which, obviously, isn't a lot of time to do anything else!

On the odd occasion that he naps for longer I've been trying hard to undercoat-paint a marine a day. This involves blacking the base, Fenris Grey on most of the marine, Boltgun metal on the metallics, Astronomican Grey on the bits that will be other, lighter, colours like the fur and bone bits. It's really rough and ready so lots of bits that will swap colours as they are finalised later, but it's still better than leaving them plain!

Slow, but steady progress...

So that's one complete squad of 8 and half of the second squad done. I've just received my final assignment for the semester, so I may not get one a day done, but will still try to get the second squad finished by the end of next week.

If I get the four marines done I'll give the leader the same treatment and then I'll have the 715 point army at least looking a little better than all black!

The Fenris colour is a terror to work with, you shake it to mix it up well, but it seems to separate into two different liquids fairly rapidly. Hence you can see (maybe you need to click on the picture for the full sized one) that they often look slightly different in colour, some much darker than others.

It's just the undercoat, and the Shadow Grey that will go on top of it will be pretty uniform, but it's unusual I think! And not so bad, they're Space Wolves and individuality is encouraged =)


  1. Even just single colours, it really helps bring out the different elements of each model!

  2. Neat, and I do see the different colours, but still neat.