Monday, May 16, 2011

... Wins the Race

Well, here I am, a day ahead of schedule! Due to a completely unexpected 2 hour nap from the little munchkin I've now done a very simple basecoat on two eight man squads!

Squad A in arrowhead attack pattern...

And Squad B in copycat formation...

As you can tell, totally uninspiring job so far, but they are far better than just all black! Next I need to drybrush the bases grey, oh, and do a similar paintjob on their leader too!

But not today, anyway, there you go, some progress being made, just veeeeery slowly =)


  1. Looking good, keep it up! And are you sure you didn't slip a sleeping pill in his bottle =P

  2. By the way I have a blog of my own you could check out.