Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another 40k Battle Report - Lite

Well, we played another game the other day, still with our 715 point forces. This time we had to capture the enemy objective while holding our own. Since you can only hold objectives with Troops choices and we each only have two Troops choices it was an interesting match!

So we're doing another training mission, Skodi the Wolf Lord and his two packs of Grey Hunters, accompanied by Loki the dreadnought are helping train a group of guardsmen, bent on eventual revenge against Xeno hordes.

Light on the pics because we're really still focusing on learning the rules. Here's a Sentinel-eye view of the starting set-up, take note of those guardsmen.

Because you can't see them much from this view! They're well out of sight of my boltguns =) I have one squad of 8 at my home objective. The other is with Skodi the Wolf Lord, they're going to charge up the side. Loki, the dreadnought, is ready to tromp on down and take out anything he can find. I set up my objective last, so put it close to opposite my brother's so I wouldn't have so far to walk, wanting to get into close combat as quickly as I can!

Here's the end of Turn 2 and as you can see, there's a green marker on Skodi - he's already taken a wound! Those metal guys you can see are Stormtroopers (I think) and they caused a single wound to the squad, I allocated it to Skodi, figuring he'd save it! He didn't =( Oh well, more where that came from!

Also in turn 2, Loki was sniped by an impressive shot from the Sentinel, waaaaaay over on that hill with a lascannon! The shot hit and penetrated the armour, then got the result "immobilised" which is 4 on a 6 point scale. My venerable status allows me to force a re-roll, I figured that the odds were I'd get a better result. Oops. A 5 was rolled - destroyed! Before he got to do anything! That's about 165 points there! Lots of laughs at my optimism for the game so far, my dreadnought gone and my Wolf Lord wounded!

Now my pack is closing in on his base. His commander told the troopers to First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire! Giving his guardsmen extra shots. His stormtroopers also rained down shots, their hotshot lasguns ignore my armour! I learned in this game that cover is important, as you get a saving throw if you're in cover. Four of the Grey Hunters went down to lasfire!

I didn't take photos of the next turn because I was too excited =) I got into close combat with the remainder of my pack. I almost completely wiped out his guardsmen, the rest were chased off the board. My consolidation roll let me get right up to his command squad. My squad used their banner, letting me reroll all 1s. My wulfen rolled a 1 for his number of attacks, but the reroll was a 6!

My brother's sneaky stealthy guys came up around the side and took out one of my defending guys.

My return fire saw them off quickly! In the meantime, however, his guardsmen were getting closer on the other side.

In another astounding array of shooting, my attack pack were wiped out! Plasma and melta weapons took their toll, all those armour ignoring shots took me down quickly. Fortunately the terminator armour on Skodi saved him. Still, it meant I could no longer contest the objective! Of course, neither could my brother, as I'd killed all his troops too =)

Skodi charged into the command squad and the melee continued for a few turns!

Meanwhile the guardsmen attacked my base, with the sentinel still sniping away, soon I only had three left alive! They passed their leadership roll, so stayed at their post. 

 On the other side of the board, would you believe it, in a nailbiter, down to the last wound fight, Skodi fell to the leader of the guardsmen after killing the rest of the command squad! I was embarrassed except that Skodi had almost single handedly killed two whole squads =)

My other pack used their banner and took out the other squad of guardsmen in some amazing rolls! I lost one guy, but the remaining two stayed put!

And then we rolled for the end of game and that was that! My last two troops were at the objective, so technically I won the game! If the game had continued I had another squad of stormtroopers, a sentinel and the commander to face, yikes! Just as well it was this mission and not a wipe out one!

Things I have learned - 
Do not needlessly walk in range of lascannons.
Do not ignore the benefits of cover.
Do not underestimate lots and lots of dice from weak guns.
And probably other stuff too, but baby is awake! Glad he let me get this typed up! Gotta go, but promise more action soon =)


  1. How did you get that tree bark that you turned into rocky stuff to stand up? I can see some round base for it but what is it and how do you get the bark on there? By the way I love your blog it's really cool!

  2. Thanks for the kind words =)
    The tree bark comes from a tree in our front yard.
    The base is just the top of an ice cream container lid cut to shape.
    Then it's just PVA glue and waiting a loooong time for it to set really well. Then another lot of PVA glue on top of the already set one (really important to let it set fully).
    Then just a sprinkling of sand and then it's undercoat black, heavy drybrush codex grey, light drybrush fortress grey and sometimes if I feel like it a tiny edging drybrush of skull white.

  3. Can I make that and post it on my blog if I say it's your idea and recipe? I'll add your name and a link?

  4. Of course you can!
    As a matter of fact, if you do, I'll link to your blog too =)
    Sharing is good and it's not like the internet is about to run out of space!

  5. Hey I love your blog! Ryguy is my friend! Check out my funny blog! Thx!

  6. Here's my blog. I don't have a lot of miniatures, but that will hopefully change!

  7. Great battle report. I like a lot your blog. Keep on with it!