Thursday, June 16, 2011

Long Fangs

I put together my first group of Long Fangs this week and I've gotta say, it was a real blast (pun intended).

Those models are FUN to put together! Such whopping big guns! 

The parts all dovetail together nicely and although you're a little limited in poses due to the MASSIVE guns, I really just enjoyed building them!

I added some Space Wolfiness to them in legs, heads and shoulderpads. As these guys are seniors and have long histories behind them, they are bare-headed. 

So here they are...

The plasma cannons are so cool, I love the wires and everything. There are seven small wires that go into one big cable that then emerge as seven small wires again. Hopefully I'll have a go at painting them each a different colour or something (though when that'll be - who can say!) I gave the plasma guys mohawks, they live dangerously as their guns could kill them at any time, so they're a bit rebellious and rambunctious fellows!

The sergeant I glued a big scope to the side of his bolt pistol so that he can better work out where to direct their fire. Some of the heads needed a bit of sprue on the bottom of them to bump them into a better position. The lascannon and missile launcher in particular I tried to make it so the guys were looking down the scopes.

I also love the massive chunky backpacks. What's not to love about these models!?

I still have five more to go, another sergeant, another three missile launchers and another lascannon. And that's all I have time for today, baby is calling =)

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