Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Army List and Cyclone Missile Launcher Conversion.

Well, have been on a little holiday, so sorry about the absence of recent posts.
On the plus side I got my next (and last) delivery of miniatures!

Last because GW have decided to try and force us to continue paying exorbitant prices for our miniatures (about 200% of overseas costs) by restricting sales to Australia from overseas.

I'm sure some eBay shenanigans will ensue, but in the meantime I'm all set anyway.

On the negative, my brother needs to save up for a new computer, so his army will be stalled for a while =(

Still, now I have an army list that I will share for your amusement. Why amusement? Because it's to look nice put together and to enjoy painting etc. rather than for any actual combat effectiveness.

I know I haven't done the backstory I keep promising, but suffice it to say that these guys are expert subterranean fighters and hence don't use tanks and heavy vehicles. They will use drop pods to get to the right places on a planet to head underground.

So I've sort of split the army into two divisions.

First Division: Skodi leads...

Wolf Lord in terminator armour with dual claws (Skodi, you've already seen in action).

4 Wolf Guard Terminators as his bodyguard - 
Hammer and Shield, Storm Bolter and Wolf Claw, Storm Bolter and Power Fist, Assault Cannon and Frost Sword.

Pack 1 - 9 Grey Hunters plus a Wolf Guard Pack Leader in Power Armor, combi-melta and powerfist. Pack has a melta, a power weapon, a wolf standard and a mark of the wulfen.

Pack 2 - 6 Grey Hunters, one with plasma gun.

Pack 3 - 4 Long Fangs (2 missile launchers, 2 lascannons) and a pack leader.

Second Division: to be announced leads...

Wolf Guard Battle Leader in terminator armour with dual frost axes.

3 Wolf Guard Terminators as his bodyguard -
Storm Bolter and Thunder Hammer, Storm Bolter and Frost Sword, Storm Bolter and Powerfist with Cyclone missile launcher.

Pack 1 - 9 Grey Hunters plus a Wolf Guard Pack Leader in Power Armor, storm bolter and thunder hammer. Pack has a melta, a power weapon, a wolf standard and a mark of the wulfen.

Pack 2 - 6 Grey Hunters, one with plasma gun.

Pack 3 - 4 Long Fangs (2 missile launchers, 2 plasma cannons) and a pack leader.

Auxiliary Elites:

Loki the Venerable Dreadnought, Heavy Flamer and Multi-melta.

Lone Wolf in terminator armour with chainfist, shield and wolf companion.

"Extra" wolf guard with combi-plasma and thunder hammer (for bringing squads up to number if needed).

Scouts, 5 with a Wolf Guard Pack Leader in power armour, combi-melta and thunder hammer. Scouts have a Melta, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol and mark of the wulfen.

Roughly 2200 points all up, depending on extras like sagas and meltabombs etc.

The first Division is 905 points, second is 765.

From this I can mix and match squads and elites to field all sorts of different armies.

Have started putting together the next five terminators (how could I refuse!)

I didn't have a cyclone missile launcher, but had a leftover missile launcher from the drop pod, so with a bit of greenstuff I'll save myself some more money...

Here's the Wolf Guard Battle Leader. I wanted him striding purposefully forward with axes slightly wide, kinda like the Dwarf Champion from LotR SBG. I had to do some cutting and pasting of axe bits to get it to work and will need to greenstuff some bits where the arms attach to get the pose right, as you can see by the blu-tac.

Here's a powerfist and storm bolter guy. I want to keep each wolf guard unique, so they've all got a different weapon load-out. This is sort of the traditional terminator look.

Here is the power sword guy, raised as though ready to strike down and the thunder hammer guy in just a sort of interesting pose, at least I thought so. I've also tried to keep all of them fairly open, not covering their chests and looking as though they're really not caring about any laser shots or boltgun shells pinging from their armour as they stride forward or launch their attacks. 

And here's the cyclone missile launcher guy. I'll take a side on shot later, but basically I've got him so that he looks quite dynamic from the front, from the side you can see that his body leans forward, with the missile pod to the rear in such a way that the center of gravity is still above his feet. Like he's leaning forward under the weight of the missiles a bit.

Oh, and the three terminators accompanying the new leader have termie helmets, the other four are bare-headed. Just another way to distinguish them a little. I figured the missile launcher guy needed the face protection for the exhaust! Also that these terminators are slightly less senior ranked than the ones accompanying the Wolf Lord. Or something.

A wedge of greenstuff under the missile pod, when painted, will hopefully not look too out of place.

Back view. I plan on adding purity seals or wolf tails or something to cover up any joining mishaps.

Anyway, there you go, a bit of kit bashing to make a cyclone missile launcher from bits I had lying around!

As always, progress will depend on the sleeping habits of a four and a half month old (which is mainly very little sleep still).

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