Monday, June 13, 2011

Wolf Guard Terminators

Over the last few days I've been gluing away a little at a time until the last shoulderpad went on a few minutes ago. 

I'll still put a bit of work into putting on some purity seals and miscellaneous bits to cover any gaps.

I'm most impressed with the new guys because they were almost as-is with only a tiny bit of greenstuff on the leader and the cyclone missile launcher. I'm amazed at how clever the design is to allow so many bits and pieces to be mixed and matched to create such a variety of models with what you get in the box.

The pictures were taken with an excessive white balance to try and show detail on unpainted models, so excuse the washing out, but otherwise they're just black and grey blobs =)

Here's Mr. Assault Cannon.

And Mr. Storm Bolter and Power Fist.

With his friend Mr. Storm Bolter and Wolf Claw.

Mr. Cyclone Missile Launcher.

Mr. Storm Bolter and Thunder Hammer. I had some fun with this guy, the bolter was on a bit of a tilt, so I tilted his head as well. Kinda reminds me of my dog =)

Mr. Storm Bolter and Power Sword, or Frost Blade, not sure what I'll go with. If I can paint a good frost sword I'll do that. 

Mr. Chainfist and Shield (Lone Wolf). I was thinking today of some back story for him. He was one of the Wolf Guard of Skodi's (the Wolf Lord) predecessor. His Lord and the other guard were killed and now he's out for revenge, not resting until he's avenged each one (hence the special Lone Wolf rules). I'll be putting a parchment/bannery type thing on his back with the names of his ex-pack and a cross or skull next to each name that he's avenged.

And Skodi the Wolf Lord. You can see that I've done a tiny bit of work on his cape, still not sure what colour to make it. 

Mr. Mountain Climber. Thunder Hammer and Shield. I'm still happy with this pose, I really like it =)

Lastly my other leader, the Wolf Guard Battle Leader with the twin axes. Cyclone missile aside (which really was hardly any work) this was the only guy in the box I did any significant work on. The right hand axe is an axe head on a thunder hammer haft, you can clearly see the colour change =) There is a severe shortage of workable right hands in the terminator box, except for the sword (which I'd already used) so I had to use a marine one instead. It's not quite right if you look closely, but that will be easily fixed with a dangly wolf tail or something. The small shield thing on his right shoulder covers the only greenstuffing I really had to do to get the arm bent so far out.

Hopefully he looks menacing =) 

Now I just need names and sagas for them all =) Oh, and a bazillion hours of painting time. Next up, though, I'll be putting together my other minis, devastators (Long Fangs), Grey Hunters and Scouts. Can't paint for a while, the weather has been waaaaaay too cold to use spray paint!

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  1. Wow! That's looking great! I love the 'mountain climber' guy, stepping up onto the rock! Can't wait to see them all painted up!