Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cave Troll Done!

Well, managed to get another two half hour blocks and did another wash, then a final highlight and some touch-ups to finish the cave troll!

Firstly, here he is standing next to my old cave troll. The original one was done a LONG time ago when I first got the Mines of Moria box set. No washes back then, so it was lots and lots of layers of paint. As you can see I went for a greeny-brown colour.

The new one (hopefully) shows a little improvement in skill and the inherent detail from a metal mini. The flesh on the new one was Tallarn Flesh followed by an Ogryn Flesh wash, then a highlight of Tallarn Flesh, followed by a Devlan Mud wash, followed by a highlight of dwarf flesh, then a slight highlight of elf flesh and a selected area devlan mud wash.

Here's a side view...

Back view, the rocky back is the same colour scheme, but neater on the new one I think. It's just my space wolf colours (Fenris, Shadow Grey and a mix of a bit of Space Wolf in with the Shadow for highlights. Washed black three times between each coat.

Other side view... this shot focuses on the mini...

Lastly, this shot focuses on the hammer. Check out the detail on the metal one compared to the plastic one. Tin Bitz, highlight boltgun metal, black wash, highlight chainmail, black wash.

Anyway, there's my painting WIP for the Cave Troll completed, hope you enjoyed looking! In the mail is Burdhur the Hill Troll Chieftain. He'll be the leader of my troll warband!

I haven't given you a proper list yet for my monster army, but it will be a couple packs of wargs led by warg chieftains, my triumvirate of trolls and Druzhag with five spiders and two bat swarms.

One day I'll add in a cave drake, but I've got the balrog for more points if needed =)

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  1. Awesome! Looks like the model has some good texture to it. Even the hammer head looks like it has more texture to its surface. I really like the rocky bumpy parts :)