Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What do you get when you have an hour spare?

I got a nice eBay cheap pack of 52 goblins. Lots of the spears broke in the postage and some of them are so heavily undercoated that there's no detail left, but it was still a super bargain! (Insist on good quality pictures and descriptions!)

For my birthday I wanted to play a game of SBG and since we've had lots of dwarves lately I figured it was only fair to play goblins. And when I say goblins, I wanted to field only goblins.

Problem: My brother now has 820 points under the new warband system. I only had Durburz, three captains and Druzhag.

Solution: convert a couple of the new goblins into captains!

So meet my two new captains! Just a bit of greenstuff on the skin to turn it into chainmail, a spiffy "rock" to stand on and some bronze shoulderpads... took about an hour all up (simple paintjob, just basecoat, wash, highlight).

I'll take a proper photo tomorrow during our game, but they're nicely distinguishable from the other goblins, though obviously not as good as my other metal captains.

I have 28 painted of each type of goblin, plus a set of drums, three captains with shields, two captains with bows, Druzhag, Durburz and one metal mini with spear (who I'll use as Durburz's bodyguard - though rule him the same as a normal mini although I guess I could turn him into a Blackshield... hmm...)

Anyway, that leads me to the goblin horde...

Sorry for the dodgy pic, better tomorrow I promise.
Seven warbands, 90 goblins =)

Durburz, Drums, five spears, four shields.
Shar'lok (Shaman), six spears, six shields.
Jornik, Lurnik and Varnik the triplets (Captains with shield), six spears, six shields each.
Kar'cha and Nar'po (Captains with bow), twelve archers each.

(Druzhag will be just a normal shaman for tomorrow, which gives me 810 points worth of green goblin goodness.)

I'll probably be having too much fun to blog it tomorrow, but I'll at least try to remember to post a pic.

Wish me luck! (Lots of it!)

P.S. I already know that I should have a cave troll (or two), some wargs, bats or spiders for movement, maybe some more magic... I WANNA PLAY WITH JUST GOBLINS!!! So that's what I'm gonna do =)


  1. Sounds good. I also just converted a goblin warrior into a captain. Just a simple basic conversion, very similar to yours. I'll try to put some pics up this afternoon.

    Looking forward to your battle report photos.

  2. I like the simple captain conversions, will you convert a normal Shaman to go with them?