Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goblin King Durburz

Well this isn't really anything new, but I thought while I had my paints out I'd retouch Durburz the Goblin King.

Here he is before, as you can see it was really good for me several years ago. I've tried to drybrush layers on the armour, but the skin and cloth are pretty flat.

And here's the back, I've tried to get some detail on the hair.

And here he is after a 20 minute touch-up. I've layered three green colours, done some washes and some red highlights too.

Side view (Badab black washes on all the metal to give them a bit more 3dish look)...

Back view (brown wash, single vermin brown highlight)...

It looks a bit splotchy from up really close, here it is from about 20cm away. The tones blend in much better from this distance! Quick job and it has really lifted the mini and made it more visible and (hopefully) made it better looking too!

 Well there you go, quick job to boost a king to at least the same level as a captain in terms of paintjob. No magazine standard, but pretty neat tabletop for very little effort!

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