Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, good news and bad news. Good news is all for me, had a great birthday, the boy was off to his Nanna's and my wife took the day off work. To cut a long story short, no game played and my parents are away for a fortnight holiday, so no game for another few weeks I'm afraid.

On the plus side my wife got me an army carrier case (she's been concerned about my minis getting scratched in their cardboard boxes) and the other two Gamezone eagle poses! So I'll have some hobby work to do if I get the time for it and will keep you informed =)

Any ideas on the best foam to use for larger models like wargs, giant spiders, cave trolls, terminators and the like?

Oh and I just noticed I went past 100 posts! Most of them are WIP and Battle Reports, so if you need something to do over the next few weeks, why not look back at some of the old reports!

Oh, and my current shaman work...

It's a shielded goblin, with a greenstuff cloak covering the shield and around his head. He has a companion giant rat (I'd like all my shamans to have something with them!). I've yet to do the staff, which will replace the sword, and to mount him up on a higher rock or something like I do with my heroes.

Once the greenstuff hardens I'll score the edges to make the cloak a little more ragged.

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  1. Nice conversion. Looking forward to see how it comes out.