Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eagle Eye View

Well, after lots of spending time whenever I could get it, I have finally completed my second great eagle. This is another Gamezone Eagle. Like the first eagle (and, I think, any metal mini in general) it was a complete pain to put together, but at least I had the knowledge that they come out looking pretty good so it was far more bearable this time!

Like last time I did a google search for lots of images and decided on a red-tailed hawk.

Here's the underside completed apart from a few other finishing touches I did later.

As you can see there is lots of banding on the feathers and I had to paint the bottom first before setting it up on the base, which I used some more Lord of the Rings terrain on.

I've had a few comments and messages lately about my armies. 

Firstly I'd like to point out that I paint straight from the pot. 

Secondly I need to say that I paint my armies in whatever colours I like. I don't even want to get into any more discussions about my "lack of realism" or that I'm "doing it wrong". I don't even know where to start with that level of stupid.

Thirdly I tend to only do WIP stuff if I haven't already done that style before, and I am trying to label my posts better for ease of finding details!

Anyway, on with how I painted the eagle, now that you've seen the underside, I'll go through the same process on the top. Firstly it's Scorched Brown on the main body and front of the wings. White on the wings. Vermin Brown on the neck and tail feathers.

Then it's another two or three layers of white on the wings, a drybrush of bleached bone on the neck, a drybrush of bestial brown on the body and another layer of vermin brown on the tail.

A layer of red gore on the tailfeathers and a very thin line of sepia wash edging each feather. Yes, that is tedious, but that's nothing compared to the stripes to come. A brown wash is also done over the whole body and neck.

Next it's several layers of brown washes in lines along the wings and on the wing-tips. Yes this does take a long time. Yes it is wise to be listening to something while you work and to stretch every few minutes. Yes, I do think it's worth it in the end =) The tailfeathers also get some brown wash to dull down the red.

With a bit of a bleached bone (really light) drybrush on the tailfeathers as well as some more brown wash lining the tail was done. The body had a few random feathers picked out with bestial brown before getting some more brown washing. The wings had another brown wash on the tips to darken them up and voila! One more giant eagle!

Here he is on my boring home board...

And here he is fighting Durburz. I deliberately posed him at such a height that the claws are right for goblin grabbing =)

And here are the two Giant Eagles (or Great Eagles if you're that way inclined). Both Gamezone models.

And from a higher vantage point...

 Lastly, while I'm here, I put some of the dwarves in my lightbox then mucked around with some super simple editing (level balance and unsharpen mask).

Here's Boggle the Shieldbearer...

And Etako Ironfist...

If only it didn't show blemishes as well =)

Anyway, there you go for now! One eagle to go!


  1. I love the feather work on the new eagle, came up great! That new lightboxing really captures those figures well too!

  2. Love your painting! How did you paint up the beak/legs?

  3. Love your painting! How did you paint up the beak/legs?

  4. Thanks for the double love =)

    Beak/legs same as the last one I think. Desert yellow with brown wash for the legs.
    Desert yellow with a white drybrush on the front half of the beak, then a black wash on the tip of the beak.

    It took a couple of very light white drybrushes and a few black washes, making sure that it was darkest towards the tip.

  5. Those eagles look really good. I also like seeing your dwarves up close with all of their detail. They look fantastic!

    BTW; that shield bearer conversion is superb.

  6. Fantastic work on the eagle feathers.
    I'm seriously thinking about making a light box like your one. It makes model pics look sooooo professionals! ;p

    On a side note, the mug is great.

  7. love them - they look awesome. I'm definitely going to have to get some great eagles at some point

  8. Both of your Eagles look great! Thanks for Sharing them.