Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Milk Jug Light Box and Last Troll

Well firstly I should show you my final cave troll, a SUPER CHEAP ebay auction that had been previously glued together. Well, an attempt had been made anyway. Invisible on the ebay photo, but quite visible in my hands were rock solid superglue streaks all over the place. I managed to tidy most of them up, but not all. The worst one wasn't visible until I'd done my first drybrush, unfortunately and although it's not ruined, let's just say it's not my favorite of the three trolls.

I did a better job on his back than on the other trolls (though my photo was too blurry to post here) which is unfortunate because the one day of good weather we've had in a while (and are likely to get in a while) I spent spraying protective coats over my other ones. Oh well, I'm not trying to win any awards here =)

Now I'll have a miscellaneous spare plastic cave troll, I guess he might stay with my goblin army. It's a pity he was in such different colours because he's quite well painted (for me) with lots of blending and stuff. He'll at least live on in past battle reports =) Maybe I'll ebay him. At least he's better painted than a lot of the auctions out there that say "well painted" when what they mean is "sloppy basecoated".

My second part of the post is my new light box. I saw a post on "The One Ring" website by tomogui who linked to this page: and found this page also:

You know my photos are often washed out, well I whipped this together in a couple of minutes today...

Now I've done nothing but cut the end off a 2L milk jug and put in a loose piece of white paper (though not big enough for the job).

Here are some preliminary results just holding it near the lamp ie. I haven't mucked around with positioning or any camera options other than just auto.

It's clearly not big enough for my trolls, but I still like the picture.

Here's the old shot...

And here he is inside the box... I think the colours are more like what we see when we play, not so washed out. The plastic basically diffuses the light so that it's not so sharp and comes in from a wider range of angles to cut down on sharp shadows.

I didn't have many other minis around at the time, so here's Druzhag...

And in the box... I'm impressed by him because he's from the pre-wash era and I still think I did a pretty good job on him =)

Lastly for anybody on here who's into 40k, here's my Sergeant Etako out of the box...

And in the box... 

 So there you go, a super cheap way to (I think) get a better photo of a miniature with no effort. I'm sure with some time, practice and skill you could get even better shots. It would also make photoshopping in a different background a breeze.

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  1. Wow! That home made lightbox thing really makes a great difference! Awesome!