Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monsters Mash

Well, here's an actual playable monster army. Playable in terms of having the models, not necessarily that it's any good! As a matter of fact, with no archery, it's unlikely to do well in some match-ups. It is, however, guaranteed to be a heck of a lot of fun!

It's 712 points without the balrog, so add another 400 points for those larger games. I'd actually like to get the new goblin that improves the spiders too as well as a few more wild wargs, another warg chieftain (one for the brown ones and one for the grey ones) and maybe a Nazgul, or a Nazgul on horse... or a Nazgul on Fellbeast... oh, and a cave drake!

Apologies for the hideous lighting. You can tell it's awful when two wargs painted identically look such different colours!

Anyway, here's Buhrdur's warband. Three cave trolls, two wild wargs. Technically illegal because for some reason there are no wild wargs in Angmar. The cave trolls look a little shiny because I gave them a couple of layers of protective coating. It's a matt coating, but still is a little reflective. On the plus side it should diminish the number of paint chips (I've already had to do some touching up and they're only relatively new models!)

These guys will be subtle. Move forward. Engage foes. Whack foes with big weapons. The sooner they can be in combat against the enemy the better. Preferably Buhrdur will go for the hero if possible as with some might he stands a chance against them.

Druzhag has the spiders with him for the moment, though they'll get palmed off (maybe) in the future. He's got the brown wargs with him, two bat swarms and five spiders. Druzhag will use his spell on the bats, the one that improves their stats for a single turn but that also damages them. They'll hero-hunt either for tying them up (four wounds takes a couple turns to finish off) or for maybe even doing some damage if they are spelled up. The wargs and spiders with their super movement will be good at nipping off to flanks or to take far off objectives. Also technically illegal at 13 members, will probably just move a warg to the warg chieftain's warband at the start of the game. If I get the spider-enhancing goblin the spiders will join him instead.

The warg chieftain and his force will also be good for flank attacks and objectives. The chieftain himself is overpriced for a hero, but well priced for a maneuverable minion killer. 

And the whole army...

So I've taken what to most people are fairly useless models (underskilled or overpriced) and put them together into a great fun army! Not saying it'll be any good except for fun =) 

The basics are simple. Druzhag hates goblins but loves beasts. Buhrdur loves roaming around looking for trouble. The Wild Warg Chieftain is just a nasty piece of work. Why wouldn't they want to rampage their way somewhere? It's such a small number of models, what could possibly go wrong?


  1. looks like a really fun army, I really like Beast armies and your's is AWESOME!
    (Wild Wargs should be in the Angmar army list)

  2. What? no wargs in Angmar? That's ridiculous. Did they all get moved to Moria then?

    Considering that the WWC can bowl cavalry over and wounds D6 on 4s, I'm not so sure that he is overpriced.

    Really cool army idea. I think that is probably the "funnest" army I've ever seen. It will suffer a bit at range, but considering the new scenarios really cut down on the ranged attacks (by setting the initial battles lines closer), methinks your army will really make a mess of things.

  3. Thanks guys, yeah wild wargs are now in Moria not Angmar.

    Also el Zorro, WWC can only bowl cavalry over if you house rule him to. Wargs don't knockdown unless they're being ridden and hence don't count as cavalry when they're unridden. I can assure you, the chieftain does not permit an orc to ride him =) If wargs got the cavalry bonus they'd be priced better.