Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eagle Trio

Well, after nights of painting (well, only an hour or so each night, but that's all of my spare time!) I've finished the third of the Gamezone Great Eagle sculpts. This one I decided to do again by googling images of eagles. Some eagles have white underbellies and heads so I went for that look. The techniques were identical to the previous eagles, so I won't do WIP shots this time, just a montage of eagles =)

I had to tone down the white because it was just too, too white. I showed my wife who agreed that I'd done it just like the eagles in real life, but that it just didn't look right. I know artists complain about that a lot with sky colours, they can paint it exactly how it looks in real life but it looks fake on paper for some reason! Note: I am NOT comparing myself to an artist! Just saying that real life is all too awesome sometimes!

Without rambling too much more, here's my Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Gamezone Great Eagle and his friends =) As always, if you click on the picture (or right click and open in a new tab or save as or whatever you'll get a better picture than the smaller ones here).

As you can see, I used another of my lord of the rings terrain pieces here, one of the standing up statues. I think it'll look cool next time I've got them at my brother's place I'll take some shots with the other statues.

Okay, here's the original one - Gamezone Great Eagle II is the name of the sculpt. He's facing off against Buhrdur for a size comparison.

And here's the previous eagle, Gamezone Great Eagle I troll for comparison again.

And here's newbie, Gamezone Great Eagle III here showing the white underbelly. I used a sepia wash and then re-highlighted white on top so that it wasn't quite so dazzling.

Here's the three eagles fighting three trolls. The eagles have all been posed high enough or tilted enough that they shouldn't get in the way with most minis. Obviously the second one I painted (sculpt I diving with claws out) is quite low, but even he actually has relatively high wings.

Here's an overhead view to get an idea of how much area the wings cover from above.

And here's the newbie fighting Durburz with some dwarves nearby for scale. They really are imposing!

Even face to face with a troll they're quite large!

Frontal attack! Note the clearance under the wings.

From the side...

From the top again, sorry, showing off my hard work!

And this shot is to show the bases, one upright statue, one collapsed statue. On the game board with other statues around I think they'll work really well to tie in with the theme.

My new future plan (finances and time allowing) is to get Radagast, Treebeard and an Ent or two to make a good-guy monster army to counter my bad-guy monster army. It'll only be a few models, but I think it'll be great fun =)


  1. Aesome! I can't wait to see them in action! now I'm really jealous!

  2. Excellent job! I think the new eagle might be my favorite of the paintjobs (it's so hard to decide - they are all awesome!). I can't wait to see how they perform on the battlefield. That's about the last thing Harad wants to see - high defense monstrous mounts. *shudder*

  3. Thanks guys!

    El zorro, like the wargs, the eagles are not mounts so are just big troops. They have no riders! No charge bonus, no knockdown. Unless you house rule them.

  4. Looks great with them all together! Nice work on the use of the statue with the new guy!

  5. Awesome job! Though I love them all, I think I like this latest one the best. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see them all in battle! Are you playing 1 as Gwaihir and the other 2 as normal Eagles (so might, etc.)?

  6. i LOVE the kids cup in the frontal attack pic, much like my house!

    I am getting the first eagle you did today. Mentaly preparing for a hard time building the bugger!

  7. Can see Gandalf hiding in the background of the first photo :)