Sunday, January 20, 2013

Black Pyramid Grey

Well, thanks to some botched dentistry I've been flat on my back having had two procedures in one day culminating in a tooth removal. So the painting has been non-existant, as you may have noticed from the lack of updates.

Today I'm off the heavy pain killers so did some nice gentle painting =)

Here's how it was last week after a spraypaint:

I bought a very cheap tube of black and another of white for this job as well as a couple of large brushes. All together probably not even $10 worth of supplies.

Mixing the black and white to grey and doing a heavy drybrush resulted in this:

Another big squirt of white to the mix for a medium drybrush and then the rest of the white in for the final highlight drybrush and here's how it is at the moment:

Pretty happy with it really, quite quick and easy to do. Now I'm deciding whether or not to do a black wash along the brick lines (or over the whole thing) to further differentiate them.

Will make up my mind tonight and either call it finished or do a wash tomorrow.


  1. Looks great!
    If in a match a swarm of archers charged to the top of it that would look pretty epic :)

  2. I'm glad that the etching of the brickwork showed through, the drybrushing looks like it really brought out those details well! There's some really nice texture going on there too.

    1. The plaster that stuck gives it a nice texture and I put the glue on as "lumpily" as I could to try and end up with a non-uniform texture. I think it worked in the end, though I still wouldn't recommend this stuff as good for hobby building and next time will fork out for foam core or similar.

  3. Looks really good. I like how you showed the stages. Ooo, hope the jaw isn't aching for too much longer. I remember when I had a tooth pulled out, and wasn't nice. Possibly facing four more removals as my wisdom teeth are growing and I have no room for them in my mouth, so they're growing in a bad place really.

    I enjoy your blog mate, keep it up.

    1. Thanks, yeah, that was the second wisdom tooth I've had out and wasn't as bad as the first so all up not a complete disaster =) The real annoyance was that it was my son's second birthday AND the last few days of my holidays!

      Hope your teeth sort themselves out!

    2. i've had 3 and i had my first in prague when i was six on a holiday, im 15 now and getting braces in 18 months. :)