Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spears, spears and more spears!

Finally got through the second warband of spearmen today.

I've taken a few pretty poor photos, but you get the idea, I'll take some better pics some other time =)

Here's everybody! Except the Hasharin. Oops, dunno where he went. Maybe he's behind you right now!

This shows you the scale of the pyramid in terms of regular troops and just how tall the winged wraith is (I like the shadow it casts).

And although the bottom is a bit blurry, hopefully some of these guys are in focus for you.

So there you go, just one more warband to go, although I can play what I've got already as a legal army now with:

Nazgul on Fell Beast (by himself).
Hasharin with 12 spearmen.
Mumak with 12 bowmen.

700 points for the basics, anywhere up to almost 900 with lots of Mumak upgrades.

Another 12 guys to go now, 6 spears, 6 bows for another 84 points. Oh, and I've got two "spare" guys left to make into banner bearers. Not sure if I'd pay the points for them, but for the "look" of it all I'm looking forward to making a couple of scorpion banners.

There was something else I was meant to say but I can't for the life of me think of it right now!


  1. Fantastic! Looks great with them standing on the pyramid, and the nazgul overseeing things :) I think your hasharin is at my place from the last time we played.

    1. Found him =) had put him in the fire evacuation shoebox!

  2. nice work, as always. I think the blue alternate scheme turned out really well. The pyramid will make a nice archery platform - at least for whoever is not shooting from the Mumak

  3. Very nice indeed mate.
    The new grim hammers comes out this saturday. Will you be amongst those who are heading in to get them?

  4. Looks good, same question about the grimmies as Nathan. I've looked at the Haradrim for and suprisingly enough I don't see the matching problem anymore

    1. Yeah, terrible lighting in that corner of the house so the pics just never quite turn out right sorry!

      As for the grimmies, nah, not for me. At least not at this stage. I certainly won't be buying them locally with the stupid Australian prices on them. If I do get them I'll order them from overseas.

      I've only got the last warband of Haradrim to go and then I'll have no LotR backlog at all! I've still got a lot of space marines to do though =)

      I have more ideas for scenery at the moment to give us a range of display and gaming fun - we like to go with the 33%-50% terrain (if not more) that is recommended as it is so much more fun to play with lots of terrain.

      Personally I like the look of the Grim Hammers (though they're a bit short on personality as my wife pointed out), and when you compare them to the old warriors they are just SO much better sculpted. It's my birthday in March, so who knows =) I've already got some nice armies though and need a few heroes more than basic troops so I don't know.

    2. NO SPACE MARINES! Just start doing Battle Companies, make tonns of scenery and make some battle reports, but no 40K!(unless you realy want it :P)

    3. Hehe, I doubt I'll play much 40K, but if you flip back about a year and a half to two years ago I got a whole heap of Space Wolves for my birthday. I've put them all together (lots of posts about the conversions etc. there) but have yet to paint them. I'm trying to catch up on all my painting backlog and, as I said, I've done my LotR stuff first.

      I'll still be trying to get games in whenever the fates align and we're looking forward to the new rules, two Mumaks and big Haradrim army that we'll get with our combined forces so don't worry about that!

      Really, I just don't have any money, so new things aren't going to happen (until my birthday maybe) except for scenery. I'm actually bidding for some cheap building materials on eBay at the moment and have a few plans for what to do scenery-wise but more on that if I actually win!

    4. Saying about needing heroes for your army, couldn't you convert the grim hammers slightly? Each would make a good and unique looking leader.

      In my case, they will be part of a force with 3 converted Khazad Guards. I generally don't play the LOTR game, instead playing my own version of different rules, unless at the store or playing with someone who wants to play LOTR rules. So the Khazad Guard, as you may have guessed, aren't actually khazad guard anyway.

      I've finished one dwarf, completely designed and sculpted by me. You will see how amateurish it is once I get it up on my blog. The King of my dwarves, once again sculpted and designed by me, has progressed at a better level. I'm also working on Demon Samurais, bats, rock people, and dragon people, but will see how that goes.

      One of my goals for next month will be to cast a new resin model from one of my designs.

      By the way, do you get White Dwarf? There's a force of space marines called the Crimson Heralds (made up by the owner) and the entire force looks impressive. A lot of conversions, and especially time, have gone into it.

    5. I know about the Space Wolves, looked through your blog countless times in the past :). Well then I'll wait to see the Mumaks fighting together/against each other.

  5. Now that you mention it, I should probably finish painting my Imperial Guards too :)

    1. I think you've got more of yours painted than I have of mine!